Order of Vespers & Matins

Vespers and Matins

The service is prayed with a festive tune and is done in this order:

  • The prayers start normally.

  • The verses of the cymbals of the Ascension feast are said with the addition of Archangel Michael Resurrection verse.

  • The doxologies are chanted in the following order:
    • The Resurrection Doxology

    • The Ascension Doxology

    • The Doxology for Saint Mary

    • The Doxology for Archangel Michael

    • Then continue as normal

  • The Tawaf and the Response of the Psalm are said.

  • The Gospel is read and than the Gospel Response is chanted.

  • Than the concluding canon of the feast may be said or the normal conclusion, Amen alleluia with the right part for the feast.