Vespers Praises (Saturday)

Hymn Coptic English Arabic Options
  Niethnos Tiro Nie;noc tyrou Not owner
  The Fourth Hoos    Not owner
  Psali Watos for St. Mary Aicwtem `enicaq Not owner
  Saturday Psali Af] `m`pounof Not owner
  Eshop Anshan-erebsalin Eswp ansaner'alin Not owner
  Saturday Theotokeia }`at;wleb `ncemne Not owner
  The Sherat - Saturday Lobsh <ere ;y`e;meh `n`hmot Not owner
  Intro of the Difnar - Watos Tenouwst `m`viwt  Not owner
  The Conclusion of Watos Theotokeias W pen=o=c I=y=c P=,=c Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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