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  • May have God Mercy upon them and Mengeste Semayat Awaresom
  • May God Bless you and guide back to Him @CopticApostate don't let the enemy drag you away from God May Jesus have mercy on us all 
  • Thank You mabsoota, my name is actually Emmanuel, Im worried that God has forsaken me or Im condemned because of my sin and all this is happening to, I hope the Holy Spirit has not left me remeber me in your prayers throught the intercession of thos…
  • Im a deacon myself in Eritrean Orthodox Church trust in the mercy of God dont be afraid God has seen your sins already just confess 
  • Hi Guys Sorry to bother my name is Emmanuel I am struggling and suffering from spiritual condition or warfare Im not sure with blasphemous thoughts against God every minutes its very constant and I feel empty sometimes like giving up, please if anyo…