i have sinned

i have sinned a big sin. What do i need to do?
i sin, i repent and i confess and it happened again.
i dont know what to do.. 
it is always the same problem for a year now...

my problems where masturbation pornography and lust..
i confessed al of them but and get rid of masturbation and pornography but i still struggled with lust. this struggle with lust was keeping for a year now and today it became worse and i watched again pornography.
i am really sad i made a big sin and i dont know what to do annymore...
is there someone with advice?


  • dear friend, please speak to your confession father or another priest.

    they can advise you best on how to avoid sin. one of the monks used to carry bags of sand around until he felt tired when he was tempted to sin, but that is not the right treatment for everyone!

    the only thing that prevents God from forgiving people is if they refuse to repent.

    otherwise, He is faithful and will forgive those who ask Him for mercy.

  • Hi Augin, continue to repent and confess as much as necessary. Don't loose heart.

    Something else that might be helpful is to study what happens to you the next time you fall into temptation. Try to figure out what triggers you right before the sin. For example, if daydreaming was the last thing you did right before your fall, say the Jesus prayer the next time you begin to daydream about ANYTHING (regardless of how innocent the daydream may seem). If the trigger is coming from something you see, say the Jesus prayer the next time you see similar images. If you have a saint that you love you can add them in the prayer. For example, "Lord Jesus Christ son of God have mercy on me a sinner in the name of St. Mary." 

    It's a powerful weapon! 

  • The Jesus Prayer will suit you well, my friend!
    “O my Lord Jesus Christ,
    Son of the Living God,
    Have mercy upon me a sinner.”

    Contact a priest right away and confess of your sins, establish a relationship where you could run to him regularly when seeking guidance or help.

    +God Bless+
  • I am praying the jesus prayer..
    I am reading the bible and spiritual books.
    But it doesn’t help
  • The mere mentioning of Christ’s name, even if inaudibly is your fortress against the evil one.
    Trust me, it’s helping, even if you cannot feel it,
    it really is.
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    Now the demonic attack are very hard..
    I becomes very very difficult to pray now.. every time i say the jesus prayer i get pornographig images in front of me.. i fight it but i cant escape...
    Please pray for me it is a very hard situation..
  • You should be happy! That’s how you know that what you’re doing is right!
    “When you are tempted, recognize that a crown is being prepared for you.” ~Saint Macarius the Great
    God is with you, Brother!!
  • Brother i am also confused i dont think the temptation is beceause i am doing right but beaceause i gave birth to it.. i opened the door for temptation by watching sin images
  • Feel free to PM me if you need anything.
    Always praying for you!
  • he means that the demons attack us more when we move towards God.
    do not give up, help is coming.
  • I find it VERY hard to believe that God wouldn't help you if you SINCERELY:


    1. Cry out to Him asking for His help

    2. Sincerely repent (i.e. acknowledge you were wrong and make the decision to stop in your heart) 

    3. Acknowledge you can’t stop on your own and that He is the only one that can remove the addition 

    If your prayer is the type of wrestling with God as in Genesis 32:22-32 or like the type of prayer Hanna prayed in 1 Kingdoms 1:8-18 I find it VERY difficult to believe that He wouldn't help you or anyone else for that matter. I say this because God hates partiality/playing favorites (James 2:1-4). He commands us to treat everyone the same so I find it difficult to believe that he wouldn’t treat you the same as Jacob, Hanna or even me. I haven’t been told of any stories where He turned away someone that truly searched for Him with ALL of his heart. It also hasn’t been my experience so why would that be different for you or for anyone else? Now granted, I have definitely prayed to God about a million and one things where it FELT like He took way too long to help me. However, at the exact time of need I’ve always woken up to find there was NOTHING to fear. There is always a reason for the “delay.” I can’t imagine he would treat you or anyone else differently. 


    Cry out to saints to pray for you. St. Mary is my got to for everything but have a look at this list for the intercession of other saints and angles. https://tasbeha.org/community/discussion/16702/intercessors#latest


    Saint George the Prince of the Martyrs is listed as the intercessor for getting rid of the devils.

  • Oh and also the enemy HATES prostration, prayer, fasting, and partaking of he eucharist (after proper repentance and confession)! The enemy and any strong hold will flee from a person that practises these things with a broken and contrite heart. 
  • In the Holy fifty days though? :)
  • lol yes your right. I completely forgot about that. The point about prayer though still stands even during the Holy Fifty days. Good point. 
  • :) Just thought to shed some light :))

    Pray alwaysss!!
  • It is getting better now thanks for the prayers and help..
    If anyone has more advice i would appreciate that. Thanks to you all
  • Dont worry repent, 
    this video may help
    I must repent to please pray for my weakness I suffer from OCD blasphemous thoughts
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