Overstressed, prayer request and advice,

Hi everyone,

I have been feeling overly stressed lately to the point where I am avoiding most people and situations including attending church mass and now work.

I need your prayers!

I have a brother who used to drink a lot for about 5 - 6 years. I remember panicking when he used to come home and confront me and my siblings and the whole family. Now, he has stopped drinking but the way I used to react (which was to run away from the stressful science) when he came home drunk is still with me and I am working on improving.

I am wanting to move out and move to a different city to pursue further studies but I am afraid and want your prayers so that I can be okay to believe that God will look after me and that I will be okay on my own.

Has anyone else felt like they can't leave their comfort zone (home) but feels the need to move and focus on their goals and dreams ?

At home, I feel burnt out with family matters. At the same time, I feel nothing without them because doing things for my family gives me a sense of meaning. I want to deal with this matter and everything but I am afraid and need your prayers and any advice you might have to get over my fears.

Thank you in advance :)


  • You will be okay the prayers of St Mary, Pope Kyrillos and all the saints be with you, dont lose courage or hope like Moses said Be Courageous The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace. Remeber me in your prayers, Dont Worry.

    Do not reflect too much on the affairs of this life. Cast your burdens upon the Lord, He will sustain you

    Pope Kyrillos quote

    May the prayers of St Mary, St Michael, St Pope Kyrillos be with us
  • may God give you peace and guidance. if you have a spiritual father or close friend, share your situation and ask for that person's prayers, and may the prayers of the saints be with you.
  • Amen Amen, thank you for your prayers and your comments. I am feeling much better and I have started facing my fears slowly and God willing I will continue to improve.

    Please continue to remember in your prayers and God bless you all
  • Please remeber me in your prayers senir through the intercessions of St Mary and Pope Kyrillos
  • ***and St Menas :D
  • thanks to God for his grace
  • Yes and St Mina too sorry I forgot
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