Jews who crucified Jesus

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May God forgive me for asking this but the jews and romans who crucified Jesus would they be forgiven if they repented. Are there any examples of those who repented


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  • What’s wrong with asking your question?
    It is actually a great question!

    Christ Himself forgave them when He was upon the Cross. In Saint Luke 23:24, he writes,
    (Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”)

    That means that Christ even reminded them of their Salvation, which means that “For You do not desire, the death of a sinner, but rather that he returns, and that his soul may live.” as we pray in the conclusion of Adam Theotokion, in the Midnight Praise.

    Saul himself became a great apostle after having persecuted Christ and His followers for a long period of time. St Paul is now referred to as “The Apostle of the Nations”, since he preached many people of different nations and brought them to the true Faith.

    Concerning your second question, one of the chief soldiers in charge of crucifying the Lord of Glory, did later become a Saint.
    He is Saint Longinus the Soldier, who speared Christ’s side. When he saw the Blood and Water flow, the rocks split, the sun disappear, etc. he marvelled and knew truly that Him who was crucified was the Son of Man.
    This saint was also the soldier who guarded the tomb of the Lord. When he witnessed the Resurrection of Christ, he wondered how this could be, and so, God sent to him St Peter the Apostle who preached him and brought him to the right path.
    He then abandoned the military service, and returned to his country to preach the Lord Christ.

    When Pilate heard of his account, he wrote to Tiberius concerning him. Tiberius then cut off his head. Saint Longinus then received the Crown of Martyrdom.

    The account of his martyrdom is under the 23rd day of the Blessed month of Apip.

    God Bless

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