I Have not enough love

I feel i has no power..
I plan to wake up early to pray but at the moment i choose to sleap. I say to myself that i am going to read the bible but i delay it the hole day and at the end i didnt read anything. I am feeling i have not enough love in myself for jesus..


  • Consistency even though you dont feel anything keep on praying and reading the prayers of the saints be with u
  • Keep praying, maybe listen to ternima (Christian songs) to get you motivated.

    God bless
  • I listen a lot of church music it doesnt help. I still have no love and motivation for prayer and the bible
  • did u speak to your confession father? he is probably the best person to send you in the right direction.
    also look here for some ideas:
  • @Augin
    Do not try to overwhelm yourself, sometimes if you plan to do too many things you will be left desolate and having done nothing. Instead, I think you should just wake up in the morning and say you will pray one psalm and the gospel, that is it. But do that no matter what happens and have no excuses. In your prayer of the one psalm, read it slowly and understand every word, the more you understand, the more your eye will be opened to the mystery of prayer and this will be your motivation. Also, in your prayer remember to pray asking God for the motivation to pray. 

    Another amazing motivation is watching a Saint's movie. Watching movies does not feel like a burden for us as humans so use that to your advantage. Focus on Saints who have followed the monastic order or were servants because you can witness their Love for Christ and their Share with Him in their lives, after you finish the movie, immediately go to prayer (you will still have that energy and urge to pray) and use that time to ask God for the motivation and for a pure life with Him just like that saint did and ask for the intercession of the Saint in your prayers that they can help you in your path. 

    Also, if it is possible, try to serve. The more you serve God, the more you will love Him because you will see His wonderful works and you will be given to share in that. This will give you the motivation to pray and many subjects to pray about as you will feel the responsibility of others that you must pray for them. 

    This is just a suggestion :). God be with you. 
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