Prayer Request Urgent

Hi Everyone God Bless you all for more or less six years I suffered from horrible terrible blasphemous thoughts against the Holy Trinity and the saints which has caused me innumerable pressure and depression, its been so hard for me that often I want to give up, not only this but I feel increadibly empty and I feel like I have no or little spiritual relationship with God. These thoughts attack me all the time like every minute I just want to be free from this. Sometimes the enemy make me think that I have commited unforgivable sin and that God has forsaken, the enemy also finishes sentences in my mind with blasphemys and tricks its really exhasting, I haven t given up and I hope not to. Please pray for me I heard of many miracles of Pope Kyrillos and St Mina the Miracle Worker, if anyone is close to these holy saints, please pray for me and ask for their holy intercessions. Thank You Im sorry I have troubled anyone


  • dear brother, may the prayers of saint mina, saint pope kyrillos and all the saints be with you.
    it would also be a good idea for you to talk to your doctor about your unwanted thoughts.
    sometimes these are a sign of problems that can be treated by doctors and psychiatrists and so you should ask them for help.
    also you need to tell your priest about this, so he can give you good advice and prayers.
    may God give you peace.
  • sorry, just realised i assumed you were a guy called 'emmad', but you may be a woman called 'emma' so i am sorry if i got it wrong.
  • Thank You mabsoota, my name is actually Emmanuel, Im worried that God has forsaken me or Im condemned because of my sin and all this is happening to, I hope the Holy Spirit has not left me remeber me in your prayers throught the intercession of those saints
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    Just ask for forgiveness through their (Pope Kyro & St Mina) Prayers constantly,
    read miracles; they always cheer you up, especially Pope Kyrillos' Miracles... ;)
  • yes, and please speak to your priest about this, so you can receive his prayers and advice.
  • Hi Emmadas You are not evil or going crazy - it is spiritual warfare... however if the pressure of the thoughts is out of control and you feel like your mind is fragmenting speak not just to a priest but also to a doctor. Sometimes clinical depression creates that fragmented pressured negative thought pattern which is hard to blockade. Also memorise scriptures so you train your mind and spirit to pull them up and block the circular negative thinking. All the best in your journey with God...
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