Pope Kyrillos Miracles

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God bless u


  • once my grandfather went to church in egypt and on his way he approached a bunch of dogs which suurrounded him and were barking furiously at him. then he prayed to st. mark and st. mark sent him a dog witch scared the other five dogs away so that he could go to church were pope kirolos was.
  • My grandma told me that she saw him as a dove flying to a church.
  • hey,
    i have books of miracles for pope kyrollos!
    and one of the miracles says:

    In 1989 my younger sister suffered froma severe allergy, which caused her to scratch the boils on her sking until they bled. Her condition was repulsive to everyone including her treating doctors. She was esamined by 37dermatologists who took skin cultures and prescribed numerous medications. nothing worked.
    my sister was only 5 yrs old when we immigrated. she didn't know about pope kyrollos; so, at her request, we read the books about him so that he may interecede on her behalf. one of the miracles mentioned happened to someone who had the same condition as she, so i took this book and passed it all over her body. the next day the itch stopped completely and the lessions stopped bleeding, dried up and disappeared. with in a few days she was completely healed.
    she has became a v. close disciple of pope kyrollo. may his blessings be with us.

    the end.
  • wow

    thats a very inspiring miracle

    Pope Kyrollos is very holy and he has a lot of blessings
  • I read these 2 miracles in one of Pope Kirollos' books...

    1)A man was saying that he went to visit Pope Kirollos but found him busy with someone else. So the man kept waiting and waiting and the Pope's visitor wouldn't leave. Then finally the visitor left and when the man went in to Pope Kirollos he was very upset so Pope Kirollos goes :"don't get upset at St George, he was just spending some time with me"!:)

    2)A person was waiting in line in a church to take Pope Kirollos' blessings and the church was packed. Then suddenly that person realised he had lost his very valuable watch. So he became very sad and asked God not to let him loose his watch (after all he was trying to take Pope Kirollos' blessing). So out of nowhere a young man comes up to him and gives him his watch, he was really impressed and offered the young man a cash reward but the young man refused it totally.
    Finally when the man reached Pope Kirollos he was very happy and told him about all what happened so Pope Kirollos said: "mesh 3eib 3alek te3red feloos 3ala Mari Mina?!" (shame on you you offered money to St Mina?"

  • Here's one i read

    There was a man who hardly went to church and his mother kept pushing him to go and she explained how the church was full of holy people and that pope Kyrillos was a very holy humble man etc.

    Finally he decided he would go to see pope kyrillos and so he went to one of the early masses where there would be less people.

    As he entrered the church he saw a big soldier kneeling infront of Pope Kyrillos and pope kyrillos was saying "Get away from me, your stink offends me"

    The man thought in his head how could the holy man of the church say such things and thoughts like these disgusted him so he said to himself I dont want to meet a man who uses his authority like that to pay people out, So he started to walk out of the church when suddenly.....

    He heard unearlthy screaming and he looked back and the soldier was convulsing on the floor and the priests were trying to hold him down. Then he went calm.

    Pope Kyrillos said "Bring him back tomorrow, there are plenty more to come out."

    The man then realised Pope Kyrillos was talking to a demon which he cast out and that he was truly a man of God and the man would go to church at every opporunity as his life was changed by the man Baba Kyrillos.
  • sorry,i am not sending a mircale about pope kirilos but i just wanted to say that the greatest things i have ever heared about pope kirilos are in a book called "The Pope And The Pilgrim fathers".it is like a conversation between the writer and a fr who was very close to pope kirilos and loves him very much.this fr explains to the writer how pope kirilos was a great pilgrim.at his time,pope kirilos was like the leader of pilgrims.he tells every pilgrim ,u go to this monistry,u to that church,the 3rd to the other monistry ...etc (he distributed the pilgrims amoung old monistries and church which are probably not seen to normal people).
    the best part of the book comes when this fr tells the writer about the heavenly celebration on pope kirilos` feast.he once wished to see it and he got what he wished for ........ he was taken -i think by an angel-and saw the roof of the church (of st mina`s monistry as i remember) taken off and alot of saints and angels coming from heaven with alot of praises and hymns.then came pope kirilos in a charming look,passing through the saints and angels who came to share the celebration ..... i don`t remember the rest but the book is full of stories like that.i wish i could send everyone a copy of this book in all languages but i think it is only in arabic :(
  • im just going to attach some pdf files that are full or miracles from Baba Kyrillos!
  • and the last one ;)

  • thankx these r really nice :D
  • lets just say i know a girl who was a very bad sinner just like all of us saw pope kirlios and talked to him.may he be with us all amen.
  • he went to some guy in the hospital and healed him and left his pic on the window it was him and st.mina walking
  • that is reallllly nice
  • pope kyrollos has many beautiful miracles and he is a very holy and blessed man of god

    pray for me
  • i just witnessed a pope krilios miracle...may his prayers be with us all amen...and pray for my weakness...

    [glow=red,2,300]"I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE" JOHN 14:6[/glow]
  • is that a picture of a miracle because the guy is praying infront of a pope Kyrillos picture and then anba kyrillos is right behind him
  • Pope Kyrollos is truly an amazing saint. Throughout my hardships in my marraige i prayed incessantly asking for his intercessions to cure me from my severe depression. Then one night i had a beautiful dream which i still remmeber to this day. He spoke to me over the phone and he said to me in arabic bel hanaa wel shaefaa. I then asked him to come over to my home. i remeber opening the door of my unit seeing his headcovering and then he vanished. At that moment, i woke up and i felt that he cured me of all my anxieties. He stayed with me from that point on and now i still feeel Him at night time walking around my home the same feeling i had in the dream. May his blessings be with us all. Glory be to God.
  • well this man is praying to the picture of pope krilios and right behind him is pope krilios him self......miracles are everywhere
  • maryfarag said:

    I cannot see the pdf files or pictures, may someone please show me how?

  • Hi Guys Sorry to bother my name is Emmanuel I am struggling and suffering from spiritual condition or warfare Im not sure with blasphemous thoughts against God every minutes its very constant and I feel empty sometimes like giving up, please if anyone is close to Pope Kyrillos please pray for me to recieve his intercession. God Bless
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