Some help needed about hymns sung during the liturgy

Hello Coptic friends :)

I have a list here of songs we sing throughout the St Basil liturgy and was wondering if someone could help put them in the correct order for me (from the beginning to the end)

- Ti Shori
- Hiten Ni Presvia
- Shere ne Maria
- Agios o Theos
- Through the Intercessions..
- The Cherubium
- As it was..
- Amen, Amen, Amen, your death O Lord..
- May their Holy Blessings be with us..
- Alleleuia, This is the day..

Also if anyone has all of these completely in one PDF (in coptic and english) it would be great if you could link/send it on to me
Thanks so much :)
God bless
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