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  • [quote author=egyptianorthobeaut link=board=4;threadid=3599;start=0#msg51962 date=1144203441] But i have a question, is it ok to have a bi-sexual/gay friend????? [/quote] personally, i don't find anything wrong with it, but i don't think the rela…
  • hey, thanks alot, i just taled to a very helpful friend of mine and he was able to explain it to me, and i pretty much agree with him, anyways here is what i got from him Babies are not born loving people, their parents win their love by loving th…
  • wow, thanks alot, what's that book called. What kind of sin makes you want to be homosexual, like everyone sins, but everyone isnt gay. Is there also proof outside the bible so i can give a good argument to my psychology teacher, because honestly, i…
  • o thanks alot! but i wanna noe for sure cause its a question thats been botherin me, but does anyone know 100% we the copts beleve in?
  • i play the drums and of course the tabla!!
  • we had a thread like this a while back, if i find it ill snd u the link
  • i own the movie, it didn't affect me spiritually at all, i think it wouldve been more benficient if it showed Jesus's life from the begginning and showed his teachings. But it was a very good movie, very high budget. -nader
  • I think its a sin sublimily, Astrology = fortune telling fortune telling = false prophets God said false prophets = sinful therfore Astrology = sin -nader
  • The reason preists could get married is because theyre supposed to give advice to ppl, when a couple is having problems the priest should noe what to do, so geting married is like a first hand expereience so he can give good advice. Bishops and pop…
  • [quote author=socoolbishoy link=board=11;threadid=1870;start=0#msg28329 date=1118709356] there are accounts of saint that died and came back to life... that God showed them a revelation... but no one mentioned what you said... but one... I cannot re…
  • i understand that but I think Christ told someone, kinda like how John knew about revalations, he never was there but Christ told him about it. i think that was wat happened, Christ told monks thrpugh dream or something
  • are u guys totally sure because my sunday skool class had a lesson on this maybe a year ago, and we went over it, im pretty sure something like i said happened im gonna email my sunday skool teacher and get baq to u guys soon
  • See, the problem wit this is you think ure only listening to the rythm, beat, w/e but subconciuosly, u r listening to the words. Soon enuf ull be descencitized to the secular ideas represented in the song because u keep hearing it again and again…
    in Music Comment by nadertossoun June 2005
  • That was an awsome story, i loved it. Thanks keep.smiling
  • I dont think samson is considered a saint... He was just in the Old Testment to set us an example (of not to act like him). Kinda like a moral story. -nader
    in Samson Comment by nadertossoun June 2005
  • "Glory to God for Everything"- John Chrysostom's last words God As Spirit "But the lord calls it [holy spirit] the 'voice of a gentle breesze. For God is breath, and the breath of the wind is shared by all; nothing shuts it in, noth…
  • my favorite is all of the second and third hoos and the commemoration of the saints.
  • ya seriously thx for helping
  • wowowow daaame thanks alot socoolbishoy, that rox -nader
  • i asked one of my servants about it, he said the church later forgived him for castrated himself (i think thats how its spell). and i reely do want (if any of u can) like details of what he said that was so wrong that he isnt considered a saint. th…
  • i think there was such thing such as evolution. like the bones of the the australio pikathus, homo habilies, neandrathals. that were found but the fact that we evolved from them is false, theyre just diff species that got extinct. Like a gorilla an…
  • o thx alot marianne
  • is it ok to name ure kid Jesus in the Coptic Orthodox Church? just wondering b/c i haven't seen a copt with the name Jesus. -Nader
  • my favorite Saint is Saint Anthony and Sain Moses The black. They are 2 of my biggest role models!
  • i found the verse it was My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth. (1 John 3:18) it's a really nice verse if u analyze it thx evryone for ure help
  • whats the online bible?
  • What i do is realize that te liturgy is new everytime we enter it. There are many times when it changes, when there are feasts, like the feast if the cross and archangel michael (which i thonk come in every month) Also the gospel is different everyt…
  • just try to be her frend again, start all over. Tell her that, start a brand new page in ure relationship with her, but make this relationship the ones frend and family have because they are stronger than the relationship boyfrend girlfrends have. …
  • [quote author=Nahda#1 link=board=1;threadid=1630;start=0#msg25423 date=1116539440] man video games rock!!! lol... i think it depends... stuff like mario and racin and stuff r finebut things like halo and rainbow 6... stuff like that rnt very good. A…
  • This is the problem with relationships at a young age. I personally think there is better things to like then this kind of lust. it's ok though b/c i hab TONS of frends tha go throught the same thing at churhc. my advice is forget it, it's not wo…