Coptic Life in america??



  • G.J.I., how's Coptic life in Austraulia??

  • well my friends, nearly all our chuches have 2 churches in 1, so like my one, st marks church in sydney, there an eniglish and an arabic church, i used to always go to the english, but recently ive been goin to the arabic, well its more arabic and coptic, its much more professional then the english church, our church is unqinue cause we also have a chirldrens church, which is basically done in english, but its run by children 12 years old and below, ofcoarse theres like one or two old people to help out.

    we have vesper saturday night, and a hectic tasbeha after that, we have friday and wednesday and tuesday night meeting, wed for guys tue for gals fri for uni students and also a another meeting on the same night for working people.

    so do u guys use coptic on ur church? to tell the truth i think the best church language is the original coptic.

    banoub it sorta does feel like u guys are in a different world to us, u know wat i mean...
  • How many Priests do u have in your Church? and By the way I think the children's Liturgy is such a good idea... I'll tell my Priest about that.

  • hey GJI
    yea, i can understand also how it seems like a different world to u guys, we're only on the other side of the earth and we are "THE GREAT AMERICA!" (supposedly) but we're quite similar actually
    i live here on the east coast of the US and in my church we have two churches also, one to do the arabic mass (for parents and up) and one to do the english mass (mainly for the youth and children) and both masses involve coptic
    our church is very fortunate to have this service because it grows drastically on a day to day basis (lol)
    but we also have tasbeha on saturday nights, a mass every wednesday morning, and on friday nights, we have elhan lessons were we learn how to read and sing coptic and learn the tunes to different hymns and praises, we then go to bible study and if theres a lot of kids hanging around after bible study, we go and play games in the church
    its quite fun, just to keep kids off the streets

    other churches have masses on different nights, some have it on thursday nights, others on friday nights
    but just about every church has a youth group/bible study meeting every friday night to keep the youth inside the church on a day like that. we also have 'yom rohees' forgive me for my arabic, but its a spiritual day
    we have a group called COYA... coptic orthodox youth association ( i believe is copied from GOYA (for the greeks)) nywayz, the have a spiritual day only for youth, once a year during lent and its a lot of fun, its basically a mass, sermons, food and games lol
    and every church has its own spiritual day and also HH the Pope Shenouda III comes once a year for youth day... its great
    sorry for my babbling but thats all i can recall for now, besides the several conventions we have over the course of a year
    im sure many more things are done in Australia, if u can please tell us more and give us some ideas
    lol thanx...
  • hey guys! wow these discussions are absolutely awesome! i am very new to this and this is officially my first post! okay what i am going to add to this conversation is that all of you live in areas were there is coptic churches perhaps more than one like you guys were mentioning and you have monastaries and services more than one time a week. well i would like to give you an idea of what it's like in some other part of the U.S. a state barely known to people.. Oklahoma. ... i understand if a picture of cowboys and indians are running through your head. .. but here we don't have a church and our conregation is only once a month. We are so gradful that God sends us Abona Antonious from San Antonio Texas to come and give us mass. We are soo blessed to have rent a church that is so similar to our structure and building. Whats so ironic is that i didnt realize what so much i am missing until not to long ago when i began to understand more about coptic life and how God is the ultimate glory in this world. I lived in Egypt the first 9 years of my life and there was church right next to our house , but i never ever thought that this could someday go away.. i came here to the US and i never really i guess you could say cared how many times we had church . but now i am sooo missing what you guys are talking about and you all must appreciate so much what you have.. ....God bless and protect all of you.

    Hey but don't worry i am doing something about it. JUst a few months ago we began gathering EVery week now all the church youth .. they very few of us that are there... and we are having bible study in someone's home.. ...Its so awesome.. i am learning so that i could teach to the younger kids....

    its so weired sometimes how when you think back on your life you feel what you are now is always better than before and that you were dumb! at least i do .. God seems to be always openning our eyes..

    okay so sorry i talked soo much and bugged most of you about my life .. i hope my babbiling made any sense..

  • hey G.J.I , I don't know if you'd be interested to hear or no, but in our church, we have coptic during our liturgies although we don't communicate that way. Not enough people know it. :)

    Our priest has coptic class for the youth on fridays, and you'd be suprised at how good we are. lol.

    We also have coptic competitons once a year. Do you guys have that down under? :) :)

  • moora_87, i knew that we had churches out there and in the midwest of the US, but i didnt know that u guys only met once a week
    i would of thought it was like any other regular church, just mayb not as much as ours on the east coast cause we are overflooding ourselves with too many churches
    i guess just cause when someone hears about the US... its like oo yea, i got relatives in NJ or NY and they come and settle here... so thats how it is
    but thanx for opening my eyes on how much i really should be thankful for getting the chance to have our own church and priests and etc...
    hope we can all appreciate that as much!
    Good Luck and God Bless!
  • o yea! i know what you mean cause i have relatives and friends in cali and nj.. but Sms or anyone ... do anyone know any effective ways in which i could get our "youth group" more involved... i mean we get together we sing hymns and then i tell a bible story to the kids who attend but once the hymns are over our subject turns immeditatly away to something else, .... .. i just want some advice.. since you guys get alote of bible study and already know how all that works out.. tell me what you learn .. how do you meet and what do you do.. ??

    THANK YOU SOO Much.. I thank God for this ... is the best site ever.!!! May God's love overflow upon us all!

  • well during the school year its hard to attend friday nights coptic classes and bible study, but we manage just as well... during the summer in some churches theres a night camp where the youth get together and hang out and play games, and theres no more than a half hour of 'spiritual time' (aka a sermon lol)
    but during the summer theres a competition in philly where the churches agree on a few chosen books for their youth to read
    in each church the head of sunday school, or whoever is connect to the church in philly (forgive me for not knowing its name!) and they organize the youth into study groups where the kids read the book and answer the ?'s that the church gives them
    then on a saturday in august, all the churches participating go to philly church and we compete ;D
    its alottttttttttaaaaaa fun in my opinion and very beneficial
    as sleepy said, theres also an annual elhan competition that is also very exciting where the priests judge the competitors
    ...mucho fun! :D
  • wow.. that does sound like fun... thanks that helps .. i just need to come up with something that's both fun and at the same time benfefical ....
  • they r fun, but once egy parents go involved.....
    go figure
  • Hahaha, I know what you mean egyprincess. I've got the same thing going on here.

  • Hey guys, I created a Website for my Youth and I want ya to check it out and maybe post sometimes in the forum there, it's definietly not as good as this one but it's OK!! The link is I'de appreciate it if u guys write something in the feedback and post something on the forum!!

  • Yo, all I can say, is that that site is HOT! It's so awesome. I loved it. Now you make me want to do something like that but unfortunately, I don't have the time. Darn! lol. ;)

  • Thanks sleepy,

    hey could u guys post in the forum there, plz??

  • I tried to sign up but there's nothing that can lead me there.....HELP!!!! ;D

  • sign up for what??

  • To sign up for the forum...or is it more or less, just a visitor thing? :-\

  • well, I'me setting up a new one, so don't worry about that one, I'll give u the new website's link when it's ready ;D

  • Okies, I'll be ready, ;)

  • Thank You for visting my website, hey guys if anyone could help me set up a php website, I get stuck on entering a host name part, how can I get a host name, If u can help plz do!!!

  • Free domain name at....

    You can use that domain with the free host that you have and it will be great, only you cant upload large files on that host...
  • I already know about that and our domain is, by the way I'm not posting to say I'm back just wanted to tell you that I already know and thanks anywayz

  • Wow! I didn't know that there where that many 'accents'!

    I don't think i'd be able to tell them apart that much. I think i can tell a deep Southern Accent though. (if that's what it's called??).

    Yeah, i don't feel that there is really much of an Australian accent (but as you said, probably because i live here). - Maybe more so with people from country areas.

    How different is the Canadian accent(s)?
  • sounds funny! ;D

    I went to the ECCYC highschool sermons, but there's like 10 files, and they're all huge.

    So, i'll stream them to listen to the accents, but it might take a while for me to find the hidden funny features you mentioned (LOL ;)). - Unless you can remember which files they were in...

    PS. i know you're not Canadian, that's kind of why i was asking... to see if a Canadian can easily be picked out?

    i mean, here, we can pretty easily tell a New Zealand accent. (I guess it's pretty similar to 'Australian', but some vowels are pronounced different)

  • thanks :)

    God Bless You

    - Yeah, the NZ accent stands out when they pronounce the vowel 'i' (i think).

    Eg. "Fish and Chips" is pronounced "Fush and Chups" (or similiar - it's hard to write it down)
  • so r u guys all egyptian on here? no sudanese? :(
    wots it like in the UK or Europe?
  • OMG....i have so much 2 say about this crazy is it to be the egy kid in ur skewl :(? how many times was i asked whether or not we ride camels in the streets, or how hard is it to walk in sand all day. One guy asked me if we still wore those tarazan loinclothes still!!! ::) wut is that all about? lolx...and God forbid u say u have the cross tattooed on ur hand lyk i do! is that real? when'd u get it? ur mom let u get a tattoo? omgoodness, lolx...i go crazy. Or how u bathe in the nile? ::) wow....its tuff out there, i luv being egyptian, i just dislike the fact that u have 2 sit there for the next 10yrs xplaining 2 ur friends that egypt is a country with streets, ppl wear shoes and pants and shirts, and that there are COPTIC ORTHODOX EGYPTIANS, lolx....i luv us.... :-*GOD BLESS ALL! ;)
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