Hymn Coptic English Arabic Options
  The Order of the Liturgy    Not owner
  Fai Etaf-enf Vai `etafenf    Not owner
  Addition to the Intercessions Hiten Not owner
  The Pauline Epistle Nyetaftaouoi gar Not owner
  The Catholic Epistle }twbh `mmwten Not owner
  Praxis Response
مرد الإبركسيس
<ere Pi`ctauroc Not owner
  The Acts Etafouwn de `nrwf Not owner
  The Synxarium Reading (Baramhat 10)   Not owner
  Hymn of King Constantine
لحن للملك قسطنطين
Etauen ni`cqai Not owner
  Mohayer (Pa-shois) Pa=o=c Iycouc Pi`,rictoc@ Not owner
  Psalm Response Allylouia =a=l    Not owner
  The Psalm N;ok pe v] Not owner
  The Gospel   Not owner
  Gospel Response `Ftai`yout gar `emasw Not owner
  Aspasmos Adam
اسبسمس آدام
Auen pi`sbwt `nte A`arwn Not owner
  Aspasmos Watos
اسبسمس واطس
Pi`ctauroc pe penhoplon Not owner
  The Syrian Fraction   Not owner
  Rare Fraction For the Feast of the Cross
قسمة لعيد الصليب
  Not owner
  Psalm 150 Response
مرد التوزيع
I=y=c P=,=c `pSyri `m`V] Not owner
  Communion Melody
مديح للتوزيع
  Not owner
  Conclusion Vy`tauasf `epi`ctauroc Not owner

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