The Order of the Liturgy


The liturgy is prayed in the festive-Sha´nini tune and is done in this order:

  • The prayers start normally.
  • The Hymn of the Censer (Ti Shouri) is said in the long tune after Sotis.
  • Fai Etaf Enf is chanted.
  • The Hitenes are said with the extra verse for the emperor Constantine and queen Helen after the one for the martyrs.
  • The Acts Response (Shere Piestavros) is chanted
  • After the Acts is read, Etav-enni-eskhai (The Hymn of Emperor Constantine) is chanted.
  • The Tawaf and the Psalm Response are said.
  • The Gospel is read and then the Gospel Response is chanted.
  • Adam Aspasmos (Aven pi-eshvot ente Aaron) is chanted.
  • Watos Aspasmos (Pi-estavros pe pen-hoplon) is chanted.
  • The Syrian Fraction for the Feasts of the Cross is prayed.
  • Psalm 150 Response of the feast is chanted in the festive-Sha´nini tune.
  • The Madeha is chanted after Psalm 150.
  • The normal conclusion, Amen Alleluia is said with the feast´s response.