Nayrouz (Coptic New Year)

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  Psali Watos
إبصالية واطس
Amwini tyrou `nten]`wou Not owner
  Psali Adam
إبصالية آدام
}naouwst `mmok Not owner
  Verses of Cymbals `Cmou `epi`,lom `nte ]rompi Not owner
Hwc `eP=o=c qen ouhwc `mberi Not owner
  Special Doxology for all the Martyr    Not owner
  Tawaf -Vespers & Matins
طواف عشية وباكر
Marou;iqi `nje nef`;lwm Not owner
  Psalm Response Allylouia =a=l@ `cmou `epi`,lom Not owner
  Vespers: Psalm & Gospel   Not owner
  Matins: Psalm & Gospel   Not owner
  Gospel Response Allylouia =a=l =a=l =a=l Not owner
  Amen Alleluia (Conclusion) Amyn@ =a=l Not owner
  Pauline Epistle   Not owner
  Catholic Epistle   Not owner
  Praxis Response `Cmou `epi`,lom Not owner
  The Acts   Not owner
  Liturgy: Psalm & Gospel   Not owner
  Aspasmos Adam Lwiji niben ethwou Not owner
  Aspasmos Watos Ou`pneuma `nte P=o=c Not owner
  Psalm 150 Response `Cmou `epi`,lom `nte ]rompi Not owner
  Communion Hymn
مديحة للتوزيع
  Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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