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  Doxology for Saint Joseph
ذكصولوجية القديس يوسف النجار
`Vnou] afcwtp `nIwcev Not owner
  St. Arsenius Doxology
ذكصولوجية الأنبا أرسانيوس معلم اولاد الملوك
Arcenioc pinis] `ncaq Not owner
  St. Antony Bwl `ebol qen netenhyt Not owner
  Sts. Antony & Paul     Not owner
  St. Paul the Hermit Peniwt =e=;=u abba Paule Not owner
  St. Macarius the Great - 1st <ere pinis] abba Makari Not owner
  St. Macarius the Alexandrian Ce`ermeyre qarok qen oumeymyi Not owner
  St. Macarius (Bishop of Edkow) Afnamou] `erok je nim Not owner
  St. Shenouda the Archimandrite `N;ok oumakarioc Not owner
  St. John the Short Akswpi gar `nouvwctyr Not owner
  Sts. Pishoy & Paul of Tammoh Iwcyv pi`ar,y`ereuc Not owner
  St. Pachomius and Theodore `N;ok oumakarioc Not owner
  Sts. Maximus and Dometius Nivwctyr `nte ]me;myi Not owner
  St. Moses the Black Pisorp `mmarturoc =e=;=u Not owner
  St. Samuel the Confessor <ere peniwt abba Camouyl Not owner
  St. John Kame Api`c;oinofi sws `ebol Not owner
  St. Roweis (Teji) Akem`psa gar aly;wc Not owner
  St. Parsoum the Naked Maren;wou] `w namenra] Not owner
  St. Takla Haymanout Pi`Pneuma `mParaklyton Not owner
  The 3 Old Patriarchs Hwc `eP=o=c qen ouhwc `mberi Not owner
  St. Severus (Patriarch of Antioch) Pikebernityc ettajryout Not owner
  St. Abraam (Bishop of Fayoum)
الانبا أبرآم - اسقف الفيوم
Piqybc et`erouwini Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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