Hymn Coptic English Arabic Options
  Apostles Doxology - 1st
الرسل - 1
Kurioc Iycouc Pi,rictoc Not owner
  Apostles Doxology - 2nd
الرسل - 2
Pisorp qen ni`apoctoloc Not owner
  St. Mark Doxology - 1st
مارمرقس - 1
Abba Markoc piapoctoloc Not owner
  St. Mark Doxology - 2nd Somt `nran etqen nivyou`i Not owner
  St. Peter & St.Paul Doxology Petroc pi`apoctoloc Not owner
  St. John the Evangelist Iwannyc Pipar;enoc Not owner
  Any Apostle Doxology :wou] tyrou maren;elyl Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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