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  V & M: Verses of Cymbals
أرباع الناقوس
`A Pi`,rictoc Pennou] Not owner
  V & M: Doxology
Au;wou] `nje ni`apoctoloc Not owner
  V: Psalm Moinyi `m`p`;elyl Not owner
  V & M: Psalm Response
مرد المزمور
=A=l =a=l. Pi`,rictoc aftwnf    Not owner
  V: Gospel `Nhryi de qen pi`ehoou Not owner
  V & M: Gospel Response
مرد الإنجيل
Allylouia .. P=,=c aftwnf Not owner
  Order of Matins    Not owner
  Pekhrestos Aftonf ... Afshenaf ... Afo-orp
بيخريستوس أفتونف .. أفشيناف .. أف أوو اورب
P=,=c aftwnf .. afsenaf .. afouwrp nan Not owner
  M: Psalm Not owner
  M: Gospel Eswp de afsani Not owner
  V & M: Amen Alleluia (Conclusion)    Not owner

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