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  The Verses of Cymbals - Ten-o-osht
ارباع النقوس - تين او اوشت
Ten`ou`wst `m`Viwt    Not owner
  The Verses of Cymbals - Feast Verses
ارباع النقوس - ارباع العيد
Je vai pe PaSyri Not owner
  7 Ways (Tunes) Piouwini `nta`vmyi Not owner
  1st Doxology
الذكصولوجية الاولي
Tote rwn afmoh `nrasi Not owner
  2nd Doxology
الذكصولوجية الثانية
V] pimonogenyc Not owner
  Psalm Response
مرد المزمور
   Not owner
  The Psalm
`P`qrwou `m`P=o=c Not owner
  The Gospel
`Tar,y `mpieuaggelion Not owner
  Gospel Response
مرد الإنجيل
:elyl `m`vry] `nhanhiyb Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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