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  • Lovely saved my Day:)
  • Please Pray on the Altar for: Martha George Samaan Azmi Jasmin Thank you...
  • Please pray for 5 loving Families that have to leave their home and Please pray for the person that brought us in this Situation. Thank you Father Peter we really appreciate what you are doing for us. Please rememeber us in your prayers.
  • I agree with "Pi Onkh" World things shouldnt be mixed up with Spiritual prayers.. Forgive me if im Wrong
  • Hey:) Thank you sooo much for telling us/me that  Fr.Peter wrote a Book didnt know that:) Im gonna buy it:) thank you vanessa
  • Thank you for your Reply Father Peter,No i didnt talk with my FOC about it but its a very Good Idea. Thank you Mabsoota,I Think its mainly about Family Problems..
  • Hey thats greaat you joined the Coptic Church a biiiiig Welcome:) Please Pray for me
    in AnneMarie Comment by Vany2010 June 2009
  • acutally i was typing in abouna anthony in the Search box of Google and then i found this topic..He is now in Brighton,and i met him he is soooo cooool:) PS:I know 3 years gone :)Sorry for that:):)
  • ive got a name bot it not coptic its Greek,Kyriakos i think it means Gods Day:)or something like that..I Loveee this name and his story
  • So i can answer just the first question for you.. First: We are made from mud Because we dont get Arrogant E.g We made from Gold we get Arrogant cause Gold is something expensive. So we know that we are from mud we should be humble. Second: God too…
  • Hey KIMO MAXIMUS I dont know if it was a Mistake that you said "Look into the north"its "look into the East" So while you Pray in the e.g.West Direction God will not hear you?Of course he will hear you but Jesus when he acsended he ascended into the…
  • Hey i know im little bit late.. But my dad told me a Miracle from my Grandpa. My Grandpa's Fave Saint was St.Abanob,One day he wanted to visit the Monastery of St.Abanob in Egypt. He Sat in the train to egypt and had big worries how he should find …
  • Hey Yes i know him(not personally)but i saw him when i went to Guilford for a Celebration... He looks veryyyyy Ill God may help him and heal him.... Next time i talk with my Foc i ask him...
  • Hey Brothers and Sister.. Guess WHAT???JESUS IS RISEN,TRULY HE IS RISEN Ekhristos Anesti Alesos Anesti!!!! I Wish you all Nice Feast of the Resurrection and muuuch Fun with your Family on Shamanasim!! Please Pray for my Weakness... Vanessa
  • Hey CopticBlind Welcome here;)Hope you Enjoy the Time with us;) Please Remind My Weakness and Me in your Prayers.
  • [quote author=omelnour link=topic=7785.msg101429#msg101429 date=1238506976] Hi guys, somebody asked me this question and I just wanted to throw it out there and see what you think... why do most egyptians cook fool nabet and ta3meya and eat cucumber…
  • Thank you soo much.!! thats soo coool Please Remind my Weakness in your Prayers..
  • Hey Hisservant Thanks for Answering.. God bless you.
  • My Opinion Gossip is something bad!!But everyone is doing it.. The most thing i Gossiping about are the people in the Church,so what i do is i neither talk with them or go to the "partys"..(Havla) So if i am not this often with people i "dont like"(…
  • [quote author=binC link=topic=7608.msg99925#msg99925 date=1233570420]                                  +++ Hello Vany2010,   It is a great story. Is it meant to teach people or truly happened? I know the point of the story will never change wheth…
  • hey minagir Thaaank you for your great post. hey mabsoota Woow this is sooo nice!! I really love the ideas:) Thanks for answering
    in Fasting Comment by Vany2010 January 2009
  • [quote author=QT_PA_2T link=topic=7116.msg94532#msg94532 date=1221953341] Vany, Does going to this CHurch, and seeing all these problems IN church make you lose your peace? [/quote] No,Never i just really Sad about it not angry you know.. I Hope…
  • [quote author=QT_PA_2T link=topic=7116.msg94512#msg94512 date=1221861043] Vany, You're from Brighton? Im so surprised. The sudanese there are really good folk. Its very strange to hear that. Im sorry about the woman sitting on your bag also. I th…
  • [quote author=elsi70x7 link=topic=7116.msg94456#msg94456 date=1221580951] [quote author=Vany2010 link=topic=7116.msg94392#msg94392 date=1221347179] Hey I Have A Little Question like What is Your Opinion. Yesterday Was A like "Party"(Havla)Cause Th…
  • [quote author=mikeforjesus link=topic=7084.msg94084#msg94084 date=1220353843] One of the best nuns out there is St Mary of Egypt who was a prostitute before she turned to Christ. People become monks and nuns, with the proper reason having a desire t…
  • [quote author=QT_PA_2T link=topic=7074.msg94062#msg94062 date=1220227385] - [/quote] Ehm no From Germany(Stuttgart)
  • Thanks for your Help Everyone!! Its sooo nice..!! Thanks BabaKyrillosVI  i will listen to it...! Its much Better now.. Thanks Vany
  • Woooooooowww Your so Right!! Thanks For Answer me!!!!!!!! Thank you!! Ive thought that i already was loving god and like it but in truth im not... thank You Vany
  • I was Praying the whole Night.... What should i pray then...?
  • Thanks God Bless You Too :)