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  • by the way i dont do tht thts not mine my friend took it n i dont go to xanga band i really dont care but u knw wat i think we do need a abouna on this subject . and  taqs is sumthin tht is made by the magma3  not the priest and thnk u for callin m…
  • im sorry to say u guys are pathetic no joke u knw wat how does a guy telling u to tell people to stop kissin or a guy comin out of tasbeha tellin u to stop tlkin to a certain gurl outside a door make u hate egyptians ?? im sorry to say u guys ar…
  • will limme tell u a story tht our holy father anba sarpion said on one of his wa3zas he said tht the devil does this just get ur mind on tht icon or watever and u would be like o man i could go right now get its baraka and maybe get a raise or a go…
  • thnks guys i really apreciated it
  • i would seriously love to hear an answer
  • no not really he created us to enjoy what he did on earth as it is said in the odasss i think gherghory  or maybe the cyril it says  i dont knw the exact words  anta lata7tag el 30boydeyatna bal na7no na7tag robobeyataka" translation you dont w…
  • im from kina guys and i got anba makrious on my dads side of the family anyways you guys were sayin they were trying to get him help his doctor was in the altar with him he always had a doctor with him the only delay was an oxygen tank a…
  • dude im on the same track as you any comments woould be great plz
  • :) :) ;) :Ddude church's in egypt each break like summer break or winter break or spring they be taking trips around the state of egypt last summer infact i went to all monastaries and all the ancient churches and the only monastary i d…
  • [quote author=bentBABAyasooa` link=board=13;threadid=3160;start=30#msg59973 date=1156955184] hey i don't know abt u but ppl who wear black as a gothic ppl, freak me out! they take it to the extream! and some worship the devil but wearing black cuz …
  • where u at now ???/ ug ??? ::)h im sooooo lost lol ???
  • you guys got esl or ell in egy ?????? wow nice seriously i feel like i dont live on earth
  • NASHVILLE,TN HEY guys i got a question how do u guys from egypt speak english will ?
  • no actualy i have know this for a long time i know people who actualy text abouna they're confessions and when they see him they get absolved or he replies wit the absolution but he actualy does the cross thing and the blow when …
    in cOnFeSsIoN Comment by bigmak June 2006
  • hiz child ur right i ll take my self as an example im like a lost sheeep i was good kid in egypt . now im like a lost sheep in the states . and mat88 in china they have this policy its like a family may not have more th…
  • everyone bihob yousif will be putting two messages both bout the de vinci code n the bibl of judas its on the southern diocese webite
  • :) lol durin the week i go about um wendesday thursday friday saturday sunday um somtimes odass on tuesday n thursday but thursday i go always even if theres no odass lol durin the lent we have have masses on tuesday thursday too …
    in Church Comment by bigmak April 2006
  • [quote author=kyrillos02 link=board=2;threadid=3589;start=0#msg51860 date=1144104819] If you want to find out if you have one or not, first: if yuo only have one CD/DVD tray then yuo don't have one sorry but i think ur wrong ok most computet t…
    in DVD cpy Comment by bigmak April 2006
  • plzzzz any one i neeed your help
  • wat if u dont tell them anything about u havin a myspace !! or ??
  • :(so eatin the chickin in the states is wrong cause u know the chicken even when its veryyyyyyy cooked the bone has red big spots on it and also the meat and i dono why before this topic came i would give those pieces to my dog or i put them in the…
  • wats insurrectionists loooooooool i never ever heard that word before ??? ??? ??? ???
  • where ufrom man i seriously dono nothin i only two people that have my space lol i actualy tried it but i just gave up on it i dont know my name or pass no more then i just got one a couple of days ago :(
  • sorry i dont know how the movin n flashin things work sorry[move][/move] gods blessing[flash=200,200][/flash]
  • [flash=200,200][/flash]i dont see whats wrong with cousin marriage lol [move][/move]gods blessing
  • why dont u just talk it out with him tellin him why are u callin me that wat did i do to u if he keeps doin it pray he wont do it again and if he does which proply wont happen after u pray tell the guidance counselor
  • im just kdin lol you know if she even atmptd to try it it would of been bad but i was just jokin lol
  • i noticed most girls get to go go to the movies butthe boys man i dont like that thats not right its called predijesm or watever lol :'( i need to make a new law that prohipets predjesm like racism is prohipted
  • lol tell him shut up your british or redneck lol or tell him why do u bother and care if im egyptian or arent u supposed to pay attention to ur own self