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  • But what if you dont know if it meant something and u just dreamt what u wanted to dream? And u tell ur parents and they take it as a fact and maybe tell ppl about it later in ur life or think of you as something ur not.
  • if u had a brother or a sister and they were worshiping God and so do u and then suddenly they worshipped some idol would u be justified in getting angry and zealous out of "love" for our heavenly Father and smash the idol.... and what if someone do…
  • hmmm I have a cuzin named joshua , but there is a prophet named joshua too.. and my name is Michael and im glad some of you liked that name hahaha. So wont it be bad if they say ya wad ya michael? Its the name of an archangel afterall hahahaha but …
  • Maybe Christ was testing you to see how much you really wanted to confess and to see how much u feel u need the sacraments. But now you know you need it. MarMar you went only two times did u have the chance to go another 5 or more times? Afterall yo…
  • What are some examples of non-benefiting talk? and what is benefiting? If u meet a new aquaintance what are some of the things that you are going to speak about that are benefiting.. ok there is Hi how are you? what next? hows ur mother haha
  • I dont know if making fun of each other is called flirting if its with the opposite sex? or is it something else? but is it wrong anyway ? I think it is sometimes.
  • Religion or denomination?
    in Why? Comment by mikeforchrist June 2005
  • Like this will allow more orthodox to be involved in Evangelising Jesus Christ in our country... which we really need I think (at the moment again).
  • It seems to me right now not sure... that if God wants to preserve our coptic heritage nothing on earth or below earth can stop that from happening. I thought there was no need for this church since we have mostly english masses on sundays but that …
  • you can pray to God and He will protect you.. I dont know if you have to go to the point of killing... ?
  • But thats the old testament .. God had purposes in mind.. He doesnt tell us to kill anymore.. if He did we should obey.. First off you shouldnt be in war anyway. But if you are there maybe this verse as hard as it sounds applys "If anyone desires t…
  • haha I was just going to make a new post about Is it a sin to kill someone in war? So far I think it is..
  • In the new testament I think when they mean something symbolic they kinda explain or its obvious.. like when Jesus said: "'Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees" After it , we learn that the disciples didnt understa…
  • jfranklin GREAT advice!
  • Playing games that worship other gods is definitely wrong ..(maybe I have done that in some of the games I played - I dont remember now) and about games with other gods in it I dont know about that it seems wrong tooo.
  • So I came back to the Orthodox church through protestant messages.
  • Doctrine is not part of most of the teaching its about bible study and advice.. and liberating messages supported by the bible. Like how to get free of jealousy.. etc... messages for people who are depressed. I actually came back to Christ after bac…
  • I have cable tv and there is a christian channel and one person asked if it was okay to have a procedure done on her because she didnt feel feminine enough and she is married and the advice given was if it will help you feel better and comfortable …
  • We Christians dont believe in "luck" hehe.. so I gotta stop using "Good Luck" .. u can use "I wish u well" instead. We believe everything happens for Gods own reasons.
  • I think the person was saying there is no purpose in including those people in the prayers because they already believe in Christ but not the exact same belief (some differences but overall all can be saved) and the prayer is for them to believe the…
  • I dont know I dont think we should give it to them.
  • LauraInChrist, Being Hyper is not a sin.. ppl may be hyper for many reasons, one being they may have Attention Defcit Hyperactivity Disorder like me. Jesus wants us rather to be patient while under pressure.