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ummm...hey guys there are alot of kinds of sergerys(amalya) for example if you are making one because you have a heart attack,azma,etc.but did you think about it before if you are making a sergery because you have something wrong with your cheeks or to make them look good like it is called a plastic sergery!did you think about it before i have never in my whole life read something about it in the bible before!!
*if anyone know if it is right or wrong please tell me!! :'(
god bless you!!


  • I'm not sure about the church's view on plastic surgery, but I would expect the church to be against it. God made us how we are for a reason. We may think because we don't have the best nose, or nicest face, that we have to change it, but really God made us perfect. If we change how we look, or if we think we look bad, or whatever, we are saying that God's creation isn't perfect, that it has flaws, and of course none of God's creations have flaws, so I believe plastic surgery is just taking a flawless creation, and ruining it. This is just my opinion, please correct me if I am wrong in any way.
  • but there is something that attracted me so much on the TV:a baby boy who has his nose open to through his mouth and it looked that god's will?

    *how do the bible said that god created us in his picture
    does that mean that god look like that?i don't think so!
  • I have cable tv and there is a christian channel and one person asked if it was okay to have a procedure done on her because she didnt feel feminine enough and she is married and the advice given was if it will help you feel better and comfortable about yourself as a person go for it but its better if u feel comfortable about how you are made and there is other ways of being attractive to your husband. I hope that made sense.. it was something like that I dont know if its a 100% correct.
    God Bless!
  • actually...i don't have any opinion on this topic that's why i was asking!!
  • As for the program you saw the baby on, was it to make the baby look better, or was it for its health?

    Was the christian channel a coptic channel? If it wasn't then I don't think you should be paying attention to what they say because they are a different church, and have a different doctrine.
  • Doctrine is not part of most of the teaching its about bible study and advice.. and liberating messages supported by the bible. Like how to get free of jealousy.. etc... messages for people who are depressed.
    I actually came back to Christ after backsliding because of protestant sites and sermons online.. but I think I agree with everything Orthodox.. like baptism, sacraments, gifts etc..
    I asked some mature copts on another forum and they dont oppose me listening to the preachers.
  • So I came back to the Orthodox church through protestant messages.
  • if ur sick an u need plastic surgery, wel i think thats an exception. like my friend fell of her bike and smashed her face rite open, she needed plastic surgery.
    but if uve just got extra money an ur like oh i wana do sumfin, i dont think i look good etc etc- god wil be upset.
    he created u how u are and b thankful for wat u have ;)
    pray 4 me guys
  • okay..but what if the baby was naturally born like that (his nose is open through his mouse)is this going to be wrong????
  • If God wanted you otherwise he would have created you otherwise.
  • then again it depends on the surgery.

    if its just a face lift or something and ur like a 55 yr old women and ur self esteem has gone down bc u dont have a husband and u feel bad about urself, its not the worst sin u could do.

    i think that surgery is just an excessive form of makeup or dieting. trying to achieve beauty is a sin period. i find it unfair that people can condemn one group and not the other.

    if u say its wrong, i know why u say so, and i agree. however i dont see how it is possible for some to accept falseness in their daily lives and then look down upon people who choose surgery.

  • mikeforchrist: I'm just trying to say to be careful when you're listening to a protestant sermon or any other type of sermon, because we disagree on many things, and you may be listening and absorbing something the Orthodox Church does not agree with. I'm not telling you to stop listening to the sermons, but just to be careful in what you practice from their teachings.

    sandrahanna: I believe that if the baby has some sort of health risk, then its ok. For example, we shouldn't go on diets to look better or anything, but if we go on a diet for our heart or another health reason, its ok.

    awad: You're right, we shouldn't just be saying surgery is wrong, but also dieting and makeup are wrong. If we do any of these things for the purpose of looking better, or slimmer, or any other reason, its wrong. If we do it for our health, I believe it is then ok.
  • Plastic surgery should not be shunned at all. Most people think of celebrities and achieving "perfection" when plastic surgery is brought up, however that is just an extreme.

    Plastic surgery helps many unfortunate people. We tend to ignore the pros of such a practice. Burn victims, accident victims, even those who undergo several life saving surgeries leaving their bodies unrecognizable all use plastic surgery to repair their bodies and remove the agony of painful pasts. Realistically speaking, if any of us, God forbidding was put in any harm and becomes mutilated or scarred, we would all be flocking to plastic surgery.

    Even people who get tumors removed or deadly cancers need plastic surgery to repair their bodies. As well as obese people who choose to turn their lives around and lose weight to become healthy and stable require the aid of plastic curgery to remove excess skin from their bodies after their drastic weight losses (otherwise they would be walking sacks of meat)....

    Even simple practices such as injecting collagen or botox ( famous plastic surgery favourites), which as seen as "beauty enhancers" are actually helpful to sick patients. For example, diabetics tend to develop uncontrollable sweating in their palms leaving them very self conscious and will lead them to withdrawl from social occasions...botox or collagen, when injected into special areas in their hand will stop the sweating and help them lead less stressful lives, plastic surgery to the rescue.

    As for the baby that sandrahanna was talking about, the baby was born with a deformity that thousands of babies face and there is actually a foundation for that (visit for more information).

    I am not against plastic surgery at all, it is a great scientific practice that has helped thousands upon thousands of people get their lives back on track.

    As for extreme and utterly useless plastic surgery procedures that we see celebrities and random people doing on television...All we can do is pray for them as they do not know or feel their God given individual beauty.

    Yes i know people will think i am too serious about this topic, however we tend to sensationalize way too many topics and ignore the benefits and fantastically positive outcomes of many of them.

    We just see the one extreme of plastic surgery, we do not see the whole picture, I believe it is a great practice.

    pray 4 me,
  • oh my god...if you went to the web site that love for all gave us the picture of the boy that his mouth and his nose are open through each other is in there!!
  • Asthma is very very difficult to accomplish a surgery on you can get attacks when you don't know it, but because God is with us we are safe!
  • Hello sandrahanna,

    This baby boy you have described has a congenital ( born with ) condition, Medically known as “ Cleft Palate “ and popular known as Bunny or Hare Lips. This medical condition must be corrected soon after delivery because it interfere with proper baby’s feeding. So it is a life threatening condition.
  • u r made beautiful
  • I think its OK to get surgery as long as its for your health....if its just for cosmetics then i dont think its right. God created us and changing it would kind of be insulting his creation. But if its for health reasons then i dont see a problem....wut do u guys think??
  • i agree with Monica101
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