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    first ill marry a guy named Joseph (just kidding)

    well my name is mary, if i have two girls ill name 1 Mariam and the other Maria so it would be very confusing

    or Youstina, Christina, Marina, Lucy

    Boys: Bishoy (beloved of Christ), John(beloved of Christ) :)

    Or if i get a boy and a girl :George and Marina, so the prince of martyrs, and Marina is kind of princess of martyrs (cause she overcame the devil)
    ...well theres too many names to chose from! :-\

    yar christina is myc but where did that come from? LUCY :o :o :o yuk no affense it reminds me of tv or a cartoon character it kills it to tha max. (sorry) bishoy and John r nyc (only coz of the meaning) but also nathaniel i think is beloved of Christ or smthing lyk that YAR go st George WOOHOOOO and marina YAR lol

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  • hey christine and lucy are nice names and they are saint names, they r both martyrs, christine (the name comes from Christ/christian), and Lucy (means light)
  • oo kool thnx 4 dat mary wow i never new that

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    I think for a boy I'd name him Zachary, I've fallen in love with the name, and I'm looking for a girl's name that begins with a "Z" as well. lol


    Consider Zouba or Zanbouba for ut daughter. lol :P[tt][/tt]

    lol konda sounds like the gypo werd 4 thong witch is zanooba watever is zanbouba a name? never herd it lol

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    Is that a christian name?? I've thought about it before, but I'm not sure that it's a name that I've ever heard of from the Bible or anything....

  • Zachary is the derivative of Zacharia, zanouba is the drivative of the name of the lady that sells the milk and eshta beside the ter3a in egypt..Zenab. lol..i dunt know what i'm saying anymore. EXAMS ALL THE WAY...Failing one at a time since 1986
  • lol well if u r born in 1986 u werent taking tests then! :P
  • Sure i was, at the age of 1 i had to find a pattern in a set of many seconds before my next whooping...and if i got that wrong i didn't get enough timr to i got my butt whopped cuz i failed. lol :P
  • Psalmist ur sad...very very sad :P

    And as for biblical baby names I sooo want Abigail or Magdalene if its a girl and Luke if its a boy. ;D

  • there is a Pope called Herecles i think its the 13th one
  • thats so kool
  • if i have a boy i would name him MICHEAL
    if i have a girl i would name her VERONICA
    god bless you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I want twin boys so I can name them Maximus and Dometius [ ??? not sure about those spellings at all..]
  • the right spelling is MAXIMOUS&DOMADIOUS
  • I like the name Gabriel for a boy and proabably Gabriela for a girl lol. I do love the "traditional" (couldnt think of a better word) names like Mark, John, George, Mathew, Luke (no pun intended lol). For a girl I love the name Mary.
  • Christine or Kristine w.e and also for a guy... id hafta say Steven or Mathew
  • i love the name of (MATHEW,MICHEAL,JOHN,FADY,PAUL,

    i love the name[ashten] for a boy
  • :D ;Dhehe good stuff guys :) ;) aarrr that name veronica is killin me i h8 it no affense

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  • John, after the beloved of Christ :)
  • is it ok to name ure kid Jesus in the Coptic Orthodox Church?
    just wondering b/c i haven't seen a copt with the name Jesus.
  • Yes. It is wrong to name them Jesus or even Joshua (the name of Jesus w/ the aramic language I guess)...that's what my priest says, becuase it's not repecteful naming them that and he gave a funny but true example about it is that when people are calling this child, they will be like (ya wad ya Joshua or jesus or something like that), so that by no means is respected to use the name of God like that.
  • o thx alot marianne
  • I have always really liked the name Noah...if I had a son, I think I would name him Noah :)
  • actually a few months ago... Noah was baptized in our church! Abouna was like "Noah and his animals are with us today in church so were gonna have a Zaffa for them" I luv abouna Antonious :D
  • oo yaaaa... i forgot... i also love benjamin, abraham and isaac ;D
  • lol y not the whole Bible nahda lol

    GB ALL
    GOD IS GREAT!!!!!!
  • hmmm I have a cuzin named joshua , but there is a prophet named joshua too.. and my name is Michael and im glad some of you liked that name hahaha.
    So wont it be bad if they say ya wad ya michael?
    Its the name of an archangel afterall hahahaha
    but thats not me :(
  • for boys I like the name Jonathan and Joseph, and for girls I like Veronic, Marina, and Mary... Hope you guys like them :D
  • I would pick one of the four gospel names...Matthew (matt), Mark, Luke, John,

    Then i would choose from Paul, Abraham, David, or Peter.(for a boy)

    For a girl:

    Sarah, Rebbeca, Rachel, or Mary...

  • I really like Rachel and Rabecca, and for guys Peter is pretty nice.
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