Praying for the Dead

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How come when we pray in the liturgy, we pray only for the dead orthodox chritians (by name)... are we allowed topray for other religion departed? Why don't we do it during the liturgy? Are we allowed to put a non Copt or Orthodox's name on the altar (for the departed thing after commemoration of saints) Thank you for ur time n patience wiht me n my questions... God bless u all..


  • I don't think we can pray over people from other religions or even other non I heard before...people from other religion already died in the wrong faith and didn't accept the true way, aka...they died in sin...
    It's kinda of the same with suicide...we can't pray abt people who commit suicide b/c they died in sin...we only pray over people who died in the faith of the church

    i don't knw wut the church's view thou on non copts and why they don't mention them in the commemration

    hope tht helped
  • MarMar,
    thats a very interesting question. Lets go back and see why we pray for people who are dead first.
    We do because we believe that there are 2 types of sin, Mortal and Non-mortal sins. This dependes on whether the person repents or not. Whether he/she committed the sin willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly. So lets say a person dies. Generaly he was a good person, living a faithfull life. He repents and confesses regularly, etc... However, much like most of us who do not let one day pass without sin, he committed sins between the time he confessed, and the time he died. We pray that God may forgive him his since and judge him according to His mercy not the man's sins. As Marianne mentioned, those who commit suicide or die during sinning (ex: a Thief and murder who just stole and killed people and while he is being chased by cops dies) we do not pray for such person after his death because he did not repent or show signs of remorse that he regrets his sins.
    Knowing that, a person who is not on the same faith, according to the church, we can't pray that God may give him to believe, forgive all his sins, etc... He/she has to be leading a good, holy and christian life.
    I hope I made sense with my 2 cents.
  • I think the person was saying there is no purpose in including those people in the prayers because they already believe in Christ but not the exact same belief (some differences but overall all can be saved) and the prayer is for them to believe the orthodox faith which they are not going to and we dont believe they need to anyway to be saved.. though it may be harder to be saved outside the orthodox church I dont know.
    Correct me if im wrong.
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