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  • Hahaha, Thank you so much @Mabsoota! I’d even bring a friend with me :) But this would have to be before next week, hehe, Happy Apostle’s Fast!
  • @Ophadece What you said about church education reminds me of “The Apocalypse of Samuel” or “The Revelations of Samuel of El-Qualamon”...
  • I’m going to stop here because no one really understands what you’re saying (no offence), and it’s just time to back out. Have fun with the hood.. Still don’t understand what your denomination is, if you’re a priest or monk or what, or why you even…
    in Napkins Comment by Jojo_Hanna 1:38PM
  • Lollll, I’m guessing that’s no one else but @mabsoota? Hehe, He for sure, figured it out ;)
  • I'm afraid you have no idea. And your words are not said in the faith we both hold ^??? What does this mean exactly, Sir?? Care to explain..?
    in Napkins Comment by Jojo_Hanna June 4
  • Wdym means “What Do You Mean?”
    in Napkins Comment by Jojo_Hanna June 4
  • No ;)
  • Wdym, Ricci?
    in Napkins Comment by Jojo_Hanna May 31
  • Do you know why they closed their channel?! Maybe try N O L A N on soundcloud! +Happy Feast of the Ascension+
  • Saying 'God' gives you blasphemous thoughts?
  • Yes, the mere remembrance or mentioning of the name of Christ, is the Jesus prayer, in fact! - O my Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Have mercy upon me a sinner.- Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have mercy on me.- Lord Jesus Christ, Have mer…
  • :) Just thought to shed some light :)) Pray alwaysss!!
  • In the Holy fifty days though? :)
  • Feel free to PM me if you need anything. Always praying for you!
  • You should be happy! That’s how you know that what you’re doing is right! “When you are tempted, recognize that a crown is being prepared for you.” ~Saint Macarius the Great God is with you, Brother!!
  • The mere mentioning of Christ’s name, even if inaudibly is your fortress against the evil one. Trust me, it’s helping, even if you cannot feel it, it really is.
  • If you would like you can PM me and we can find out where you’re located and work from there :) Smile, God Loves you, Brother =)
  • The Jesus Prayer will suit you well, my friend! “O my Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Have mercy upon me a sinner.” Contact a priest right away and confess of your sins, establish a relationship where you could run to him regularly when…
  • We’re not even in Communion! So none of those things are possible! To marry a Copt, your baptism into the Coptic Orthodox Church is first required :) If you convert, convert because of your personal relation with Christ and ability to find Him more …
  • Any details about what exactly he said? My main interest is what exactly HH Pope Kyrillos VI did with him? What were His Holiness’ actions, etc. ?
  • Aside from the purpose of this thread, can someone please shed some light on George Bibawy? Does anyone know of his relations to HH Pope Kyrillos VI? +God Bless+
  • Much Love @Ophadece Always learning from you :) Truly, this saying by this great Abba comes into place when responding to this thread, on the day of His Feast too; +“I have often repented of having spoken, but never of having been silent.”+
  • @ItalianCoptic Many thanks for this great respect you give me, although I don’t deserve any of it! It’s an honour that you you consider me as anything even though I am nothing among you all, my brothers and sisters in Christ, whom I always learn fr…
    in katamares Comment by Jojo_Hanna May 21
  • @mabsoota @italianCoptic I forgot to thank you both for repetitively clarifying the things that weren’t clear for me! Thank you both so much!
    in Napkins Comment by Jojo_Hanna May 15
  • Speak with your spiritual guide :)
    in Humility Comment by Jojo_Hanna May 15
  • That is exactly what I heard, I believe I also read that in Father Tadros’ works! Thanks for confirming my thoughts, @ophadece
  • + Christ is Risen + @Mabsoota, @ophadece is a very busy man! Between his family, career and Theological & Ritual studies He has no time for anything else! He is a fully-devoted servant who lives to keep and tell-on the story of his forefathers…
  • Speak with your spiritual guide :)
    in Cymbals Comment by Jojo_Hanna May 14
  • Trust me, in this very song that sentence is not the problematic one!If we're fixing stuff, let's fix the Theological errors (when applicable) first.
  • +Christ is Risen+ When you enter the church and sit, you feel much more differently than when you enter your home and sit. They are both the House of God, but still. You can pray at home, but you will never truly imitate the feeling of the Church or…