Demonic Activity: In Need Of A Potential Exorcist - HELP!

Hi everyone, 

I am OO-covert for the last few years. I live in California although haven't been active in the Church (attend a handful of times per year) since the closest Church is hours away. I recently was married by the government with the goal of living a Holy home life until our Orthodox Church wedding next year. With that being said, my wife's parents have been under verifiable (audio/visual) demonic attack in their home. The spirit seems to be tormenting their family and even mocking them. 

They are Protestant but I was wondering if it's possible if an Orthodox priest can investigate the situation and if need be, perform an exorcism on the house. 

I am originally from Ohio so should I reach out to my Father of Confession in Ohio or seek a local priest? Or is there some priest that specializes in this that I can pay for a flight out here? 

What should I do? 



  • Check what your FOC says, he might say to contact a local priest, if this is a real situation, God be with you and them. Pray the psalms. The devil is a defeated enemy. Just as a side note, I think cohabitation before marriage is considered sinful in the Orthodox church, probably check that out as well with your FOC. God bless.
  • yes, definitely an 'ask abouna' situation. either of them.
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