Can a Coptic Christian take communion in a Catholic Church?

Will someone kindly answer my question as I am very confused.


  • The Catholic Church would probably allow it.

    But as a coptic orthodox, you must not since we are not united in the sacraments. 
  • Of course not, it is forbidden and a great error.
  • well, maybe not quite the same as murder or adultery...
    but we are not currently in communion, so you need to check with your confession father before taking holy communion in other types of church.
    if you are living in the middle of a desert in a country with only catholic churches, it may be allowed...
    in other words, no.
  • Hello,

    Partaking of communion with the Roman Catholics or the Byzantine Chalcedonians is not a smart move. These groups are in schism with the Church and embrace various false beliefs. Stick with only the Orthodox churches (Coptic, Syriac, Tewahedo, Armenian). Besides, why would one want to forsake what they have for what is lesser? God bless you.
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