Hymns for Sts. Cosmas and Dimian?

Do Sts. Cosmas and Dimian have verses for the "hitenis", other melodies and so forth? I was unable to find it on the Coptic Reader app today. 

And for the future, I would love to know where to look on tasbeha.org for hymns pertaining to a particular saint(s).

It hurts me a little when we can't give the saint of the day their proper honor in the liturgy sometimes, but it is also my fault for not having sung it today since I didn't post this early enough.

God bless all of you +


  • Not every saint will have their own hiteni or verse of cymbals, but you can use the layout for other saints or martyrs to fit whichever saint you’d like to commemorate. Meaning, you can use the same hiteni for St Apakir and St John and replace Their names with St Cosman and St Demian.
    + God bless +
  • Thank you Jojo, God bless you as well :-)
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