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  • Why would a Christian oriented thing be from the devil? Unless Christianity is from the Devil...
  • Its a very valid point you brought up and i certaintly wouldn't be able to rebute it however, times have changed and many of the things the bible has said cannot be employed in today's society...everyone has broken the 10 commandments and no-one m…
  • yep i know what your on about..there is a website on it but i forget but search orthodox hymns on not and you should 85% find it...hope it helps
  • I guess your point of view is coming for a Christian perspective, however, then you could go as far as sacrificing your life for someone by following the Bible....Sometimes you must use you common sense, because by giving money to a person thats g…
    in Charity Comment by aek.. September 2004
  • Actually i believe its better for the child to have a parent thats different from the other as it would give an insight to the childs mind in which religion he thinks his right....and if you can understand both religions, you can obviously understan…
  • If you freely give to a person who's going to buy drugs with the money, then that loses the sense of cant even trust Red Shield appeal these days as the money does not directly go to the poor...Its just very sad, but im more than will…
    in Charity Comment by aek.. September 2004
  • Its a matter of who love more...God or the Girl, or you can both tolerate eachothers beliefs and live a much better life even though that would contradict both books i would think.
  • trust me bro, if you put your heart on something and love god, those hymns will be as easy as remembering your own name :P
  • dont worry guys, the whole is corrupt and will be corrupt until the last man on this earth dies...
  • 1. Let them finish their fighting, your not a peace-keeper and hence let me finish their confrontation..Unless its brutal, then you call the police, but never involve your self in barbaric situations.. 2. Two nations fighting..well i cant compar…
  • I tried a couple of times but no success...This just tells me they are not desperate enough for the money and looking for easy money, and sorry no free lunch in the world we live in....
    in Charity Comment by aek.. September 2004
  • I don't believe in giving free money to people on the street, i rather get them to work for me in some way and by that way they earn there money..
    in Charity Comment by aek.. September 2004
  • interesting indeed...