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  • Please see below from Southern Diocese: 
  • You are always welcome :)
  • We do not believe in predestination as per the Calvinist doctrine, my dear aschauer82. We do believe that God knows where our destination is and that our destination is ultimately decided by the path we choose due to our free will (foreknowledge pre…
  • Theophilus, I loved that book! This is a wonderful recommendation to our brother CopticStrength. May God bless you both!
  • It is not a "solution" or problem-solving method as you look at it. You need to look at it is a connection between you and your Father and nothing else. With every prayer, genuine repentance is key. This is the only way it is an "arrow" prayer, as C…
  • Aschauer82, I am so happy to hear your story as it is very uplifting for us naturally-born Coptics as well. Sometimes, I take advantage of the fact that I was born into this beautiful Church and I treat it as though it is sometimes just an everyday …
  • Beautiful post. Very wonderful.
    in God's love. Comment by Rony January 2014
  • It is however worth more than a degree. Rest assured, you will definitely get your worth in this program. Your eyes will open to a different light!
  • Je Nai Nan, Please my brother; Save a piece of your hair for me as my blessing when you depart to Heaven.
    in Relics Comment by Rony March 2012
  • My dear Theophilus, Upon googling just the term "Coptic Iconography," I have found numerous websites that explain the many schools: contemporary, old, etc. I highly recommend these websites if you are trying to find information fast. Just a littl…
  • [quote author=ReturnOrthodoxy link=topic=13017.msg153009#msg153009 date=1331676882] The belt also is used as a preventative measure. If a monk were to act sexually, he would have to undo the belt before engaging in this act. In so doing, while undo…
    in Monasticsm... Comment by Rony March 2012
  • [quote author=Monasticsx link=topic=13017.msg152973#msg152973 date=1331610153] Hello everyone. I have a few questions. 1) What is the purpose of the belt the monk wears when he is ordained?? 2) What are the two levels of brotherhood? thanks. […
    in Monasticsm... Comment by Rony March 2012
  • My dear John Carlos, We do not wear African clothes. We have taken on the customs of the Arab World and as such, dress in this fashion. I pray that you become a better advertising bot in knowing the target of your audience better; We are not Africa…
  • Of course Father; You will be in my prayers.
  • [quote author=ilovesaintmark link=topic=13007.msg152919#msg152919 date=1331319045] Matthew 6:25-end [/quote] Yes; This is exactly what I was thinking of. Thank you Ilovesaintmark :D
  • [quote author=caji link=topic=13007.msg152906#msg152906 date=1331270123] [quote author=Rony link=topic=13007.msg152903#msg152903 date=1331266920] We all have a purpose to fulfill in this lifetime: To reach Heaven. As far as the other purposes, they…
  • We all have a purpose to fulfill in this lifetime: To reach Heaven. As far as the other purposes, they are secondary.
  • [quote author=Copticandproud link=topic=12999.msg152835#msg152835 date=1331069597] [quote author=ronaldkson21 link=topic=12999.msg152815#msg152815 date=1331025433] I am new here and want to share knowledge and skills with all members. I am happy to …
    in Hello!!!! Comment by Rony March 2012
  • Duly noted; Thank you Je Nai Nan. I will pray for our Holy Father.
  • I like that TITL :D
  • [quote author=JG link=topic=12999.msg152828#msg152828 date=1331065282] Just as St. Anthony humbled himself even before the devils, so Rony welcomes even the bots  ;D [/quote] JG humbles us all :D
    in Hello!!!! Comment by Rony March 2012
  • :D Welcome, Mr. bot.
    in Hello!!!! Comment by Rony March 2012
  • [quote author=jshouk link=topic=12920.msg152688#msg152688 date=1330656047] [quote author=Rony link=topic=12920.msg152686#msg152686 date=1330655026] [quote author=jshouk link=topic=12920.msg152682#msg152682 date=1330640968] [quote author=Rony link=to…
  • [quote author=jshouk link=topic=12920.msg152682#msg152682 date=1330640968] [quote author=Rony link=topic=12920.msg152680#msg152680 date=1330634841] without their prayers in the monasteries for us I think the world would be a much different place. [/…
  • Also to note, this obviously isn't the case for monks as they have left the world and retreated to monasteries in order to pray to God for the world and get closer to God. So in a sense, they have not forsaken all to follow Christ because they still…
  • Forsaking all to follow Christ doesn't mean drop your relationship with everyone and that's it, follow Christ...It means that you should prioritize your life in order of most important: God first, Family second, everything else third. Serving other…
  • And you get a true taste of the Church when you attend these Midnight Praises. I highly recommend it. Everyone says it is a taste of Heaven on earth. The lyrics have full meaning, taken straight from the Old Testament. The pauses and long vs short …
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome, Liana.
    in Hi ! Comment by Rony February 2012