Does the arrow prayer really work?

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Everytime I go to a convention they tell us to say it because it'll give us comfort and peace. Abouna tells me to say it

But to me, it doesn't work. I say "My God have mercy upon me a sinner" or something like that and its like Im expecting something to happen but nothing ever does.

Missing the relationship I used to have with God and Im increasingly finding it difficult to come back with prayer..

And the arrow prayer is supposed to be the simplest prayer there is,

So maybe some of the spiritual people here can tell me if it works based on experience?



  • It is not a "solution" or problem-solving method as you look at it. You need to look at it is a connection between you and your Father and nothing else. With every prayer, genuine repentance is key. This is the only way it is an "arrow" prayer, as Christ knows your intention before you even speak.
  • I enjoyed reading "The Way of the Pilgrim" which is about a Russian peasant who wants to understand the verse that says "pray without ceasing" 1 Thessalonians 5:17. He wandered from monastery to monastery and from wilderness to wilderness trying to find someone who will explain to him this verse. Finally, he achieved the gift of ceaseless prayer through the Jesus prayer "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner". It's a great story and explains what the purpose and method of the prayer. 

    In Christ
  • Theophilus, I loved that book! This is a wonderful recommendation to our brother CopticStrength. May God bless you both!
  • Thank you Rony. I agree it's a great book and it's a page turner. I bet CopticStrenght will finish it in a sitting.   
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