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  • + May our Lord and Saviour protect you from the priesthood. It is by far the most difficult lifestyle. I hope and pray that you do not seek it. from the fathers: Don't request it, don't reject it.
  • Dear "ineedofyourprayers",   This is one of the greatest sins that youth face daily. The fathers call it another form of cancer, because it consumes the physical temptations of any youth. First and foremost- if you want to get over this sin there …
  • Becoming a monk is an honor. Only a select few are allowed to join the monastery. You must leave the whole world and all the treasures that it gives you. If you need help with this matter, you should try to contact Abouna Anastasi St. Antony. Pray …
  • Hi all, actually, regarding suicide, there are many factors that go into who is prayed on and who isint. In the case of mental illness, the church makes exceptions. However in the case of extreme drug abuse or escape from reality, the church does no…
  • Hi Everyone, I just want to thank everyone who prayed for George. George has now gone home, to our Lord. I have no doubt that he is with the angels and all the saints praising God. George's "Homecoming" will be this saturday. The Liturgy will be …
  • Actually everyone this might happen on sunday night. Ill let you know. I need lots of help on this one guys...
  • For the Lord said: "Do not judge, lest you yourselves be judged".
  • hey needle, I don't believe that those things are immoral. Iam wondering if some of the postings could be fanatical.
  • Yup, Sadaam was actually an athiest. He was against any religous organization.
  • Hey Everyone, I am sorry, but you all seem to have fanatically anti-repub views. So what ever. Everyone has a right to their own objections, however, sanity is required when using this right. Oh and by the way, we are a republic, not a democracy. S…
  • Hey dude chill.
  • Dude your fifteen you need to focus on life. Dating at fifteen is not commenable, believe me, I know. Learn from my mistakes, get yourself out of the cycle, before you get trapped in it!
  • Hey Epsaltos, Dude, your pissin me off. You need to get your facts together. If you keep pelieving this Michael Moore "Gas Propaganda" I'm sending you some Beeno. I hate hearing this junk about, oh... it was for oil... This is totally retarded and…
  • Even from a Christian point of view, if war is for the right reason, then it is warrented, as long as all other paths have been exhausted. Well, I got to go. So lets pick this up on Monday! I don't want to miss anything.
  • No, Bush is not Catholic, his wife is, but not the Bush man!!!
  • Hey Epsaltos, We know now that it wasn't about the oil (look at gas prices). We also know, that it was about peace. I mean seriously, how can there not be more peace without sadaam in control?
  • Hey Michael Thoma, If you are talking about propaganda, what do you call Michael Moore's movie. It is propagandic, as well as a political void. He and many anti-Bush people, are using the movie, to hurt Bush's campaign, the republican party, and …
  • I think we've talked about all this before. Let me try and find the thread, then I'll post it.
  • Sounds good sms
  • Hey, I won't call you sinner, since I am the worst of anyone, haha, but what city/state are you in, and ill try to find you one!
  • Hey All, I think Michael Thoma is correct. People that don't care (99.999%) in the U.S. and around the world, take advantage of the things that they have. Food is a scarcity in many nations, yet, that doesn't seem to be an eye opener for us. Hint …
    in food Comment by petergergis June 2004
  • Great, So how are we going to get this thing organized. Let see if we can get all the numbers and email of bishops in your diocese. Also, someone should contact the FCC, and try to figure out what the guidelines are for this sort of thing! So, le…
    in Saved! Comment by petergergis June 2004
  • I dunno if this was mentioned or not coz I'm too lazy to read all these looooooooooooooong posts but a girl's hair is thought of as the Crown of her beauty, so it is disrespectful for even a king to have his crown on his head while standing infront …
  • Thats a great verse!
  • Hey all... from what i can gather, a lot of the kids in the forum here are in their youthful years... to twenties so i thought to ask you guys a question living in a world with cruel people, and people that God would see as unjust... how should we t…
  • Hey Princess, It is hard, but with devotion and a strong will it can be done. I am the worst at doing this, but we have to remember to put God before anything. That is the true way to keep the sabath, everyday. I hope that made at least some sen…
  • Hey all, The forum has always been a good place. There is turbulance everywhere. But we are definitely a good group!
  • Hey NC, I'm not so sure that you get what lust is all about. Lust does not have to be extreme, it can be as simple as a physical attraction. However, it is just as dangerous as having a crush. They both have the same Ph level!
    in crush!! Comment by petergergis June 2004
  • I think I see why there's a disagreement here. You seem to equate the physical attraction associated with a crush with lust. But if you look at the dictionary (check out, you'll see that the definition of lust is "intense or unrest…
    in crush!! Comment by petergergis June 2004
  • Sure thing guys