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  • :o i've nevr heard of dat. 41 gun shots? isnt 41 a number we use in church like 3 [trinity] etc . but yah i guess god is always on our side no MATTER wat. __ CHIPSY
  • [quote author=kyrillos02 link=board=10;threadid=2359;start=0#msg36084 date=1125250590] to answer your question shes 16!!!!! shes not a little kid, her parents just ket her go to parties and stuff butthey dont really know what goes on at the parties,…
  • but the devil always has his ways. SO WATCH OUT. nd there is no such thing as "no hes just a friend of mine" or "shes just my friend, no more" cuz the devil will develop feelings between pple that are "close" friends. nd these arent my words they ar…
  • i've lived in egypt for 8 years. CONSECUTIVE years. i can read nd write in arabic nd french. i took french in egypt cuz i went to a catholic school. nd i can read and write in coptic, english and ESPANIOL!!! ;) --chipsy
  • imma goin 2 school soon. its gunna b hard 4 meh to come and talk 2 you guys and express mi opinions and helping everyone [wish i cood quit schoool] but guess that cant happen. pray for meeee --chipsy
  • i think the devil can read our minds but only because GOD allows him to. REMEMBER if the LORDS doesnt think you could pass it he would never allow the devil to tempt you. TRIBULATIONS are gifts from GOD. I know we all hate sin and want to live witho…
  • good question. we take orthodox [the name] and we give it a meaning. so we pray, go to church etc etc etc. and we show that we are ORTHODOX and we believe in christ. the word ORTHODOX means a lot to us [not to judge or anything] some catholics jus…
  • i think we shood say remember me o lord when u come into your kingdom. jesus said father why have u forsaken me because he was falsly acused. ---chipsy
  • there is no thing such as the worst sin. such like a black lie and a white lie, they r both the same. i think we shouldnt worrie which sin is worst or not, lieng is the same as stealing. but we shood worrie about how God will judge us on judgemeen…
  • thankx. --chipsy ;)
  • you guys can u please pray for a great family friend of mine. She's a great lady, has no children and now had grown in age with breast cancer. Please pray for her, i know GOD wants her :-[ but I LOVE HER. shes like a mother to meeee. PLEASE PRAY FO…
  • welcome. im new tooo. this thing is very irresistable. lol u'll like everyone here and everything here, juss like i did wen i started YESTERDAY. hav funn :P --CHIPSY
  • Jesus Christ fasted for US 40 DAYS and 40 NIGHTS. he was tempted just like all of us will be during the fasts. Jesus Christ fasted for us and he didnt eat a single thing for the days he fasted. Look wat he did for us? and i am the pickest eater dur…
  • no im not from amsterdam.... sadly enugh im from jersey city
  • you know wat.. those people that say those stuff to you, are ignorant people, people that havent been touched by GOD'S POWER. and above all PEOPLE that arnt so good of judging. DO NOT JUDGE FOR YOU WILL BE JUDGED. juss remember dat. nd its not all…
  • dere was dis guy, a foot ball player and he was walking down teh street. he noticed a building on fire so he ran to c wat was goin on. the fire fighters were trying to convince the lady 2 throw her baby so they could catch him but she woodnt. so th…
  • mistakes happen. dunn worrie about it. i've done a ton worse -- mar mar / chipsy
  • and even though they may/maynot do the same for pope shenouda... heaven will. Jesus Christ will open his arms wid for pope shenouda. pope shenouda is a great leader, may god keep him for us for many years and peaceful times. --marmar ;)
  • ke eperto is an awesome lah`en. i guess cuz of it's tune and dat its said during passion week. --marmar ;)
  • lol i had dis funnie friend of mine who took pixie sticks and referred to them as drugs. lol pixie sticks taste good. ;) --marmar
  • lol i agree life is harsh. but again it's god's planning and who are we, who are made of dust to question god's will. after all in the lord's payer we say "THY WILL BE DONE, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN" --marmar ;)
  • np, im open 2 help nyone. nd please u all help me and pray for me. --marmar