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  • hey i just wanted to make a quick comment on that judas thingy. its 100% false. First of all, it was written in coptic. coptic came centuries after the ascension and they all talked and wrote in armanian and judas couldn't have known how to write i…
  • "I know that the church says not to lie, but I don't want you guys to think that way. " well ok, take a person for example, who doesnt go to church isnt close with GOD, doesnt read the bible and is always in the streets etc. so in these two situta…
  • copticservent that is an amazing song =] and a phenominal website. anyone?
  • thank you sooo much. well if u guys r wondering y we need it... its because my church has a part of body and his feast is coming up so we need music and his feast also comes in with easter so its double. anymore help is greatly a…
  • hey you guys. ;) i havnt written here in a while but i have a simple request. can someone find me songs for and easter songs whether its coptic english or arabic [preferably english or arabic] im in a church band and we need some song so p…
  • well i dont think it matters unless u are talking about innappropriate things and if feeling start 2 get involved and instead of talking you guys r flurting. --marmar
  • mine is saint pishoy. he has such a remarkable story and got the oppertuntity to carry and touch our lord God and Savior JESUS CHRIST, and besides that i visited him monastary in Egypt and it;s gorgious.
  • why doesnt god help us all the time is because he wants to teach us something, and what is the point of life if everything is fancy shemancy? its not like, dear god i didnt study, help me on this test. rather while you are studying you say "dear…
  • Where is God? GOD is everywhere, everyplace right next to you. he doesnt have to show himself to you to prove that he is there. just think about it. Why would you want to see GOD, are you that great of a person. Be modest not kocky, no one is great…
  • your soul doesnt depart to heaven atomatically. you cannot enter heaven if you didnt live your life the way your suppossed 2 be. um. i was told that when you die, your soul departs from your body and you go to a place between heaven and hell. at the…
  • does anyone know any websites with good midi files. i dont like st.takla or if there r any other can u please send them to me. by midi i mean coptic, or arabic or english coptic orthodox songs in midi files. thanks in advance
  • where is god? the answer is within you. you are the evidence of "GOD". existence? we didnt evlove from monkeys and apes, we are made in God's image! and according to the church and the bible "One is God the father of everyone, one is his son Jesus…
  • hey i also need a lyric please . "Just the like the Bird" it starts out like this just like the bird when its found its home, just like the happy [then something] lol thanks in advance. marmar
  • yes i agree :D --chipsy
  • im against clonoing. I MEAN, GOD DIDNT CREAT THAT PERSON! that person wasnt created by GOD, it was created by MAN. no! :-\ --chipsy besides who'd rather be created by man and not by GOD
  • where is he? --chipsy
  • well den if u say there is no difference between the coptic orthdox eucharist and the catholic one [which is greatly differnt] y dont u juss take the Coptic orthodox one? ??? nyways the coptic orthodox orbana [holy bread] isnt made like teh cathol…
  • the question about memorizing the psalms. "la`ow teh fazo el psamls, ho`ma ha yeh fa zoo koom" i heard that from a bishop, i dunn remember who. think it was abna moussa. nyways it means if u learn and memorize the pslams, they will take care of …
  • yup dass correct. lol gosh i though no body wood noe. lol ;D --chipsy ur very smart
  • 14 isnt old at all. u get old in like 35^ --chipsy
  • [quote author=sandrahanna link=board=13;threadid=2411;start=15#msg37789 date=1126019556] yeah thats her!! ;) [/quote] The name chipsy has nuttin 2 do with chips. lol --CHIPSY
  • yup i agree sandrahanna. lol ;D --CHIPSY
  • who was the saint that virgin mary herself visited her and told her that she must go and show he faith to the king. HINT- she was the daughter of a priest and she had a younger brother did the same thing. She was 12 when she was martyered
  • i mean sadat messed wid the pope now look wat happened to him. i wonder if teh pope noes wat we r sayin about him right now. a thats a freaky thought. --chipsy
  • i dunn think anyone shood mess wid da COPTIC ORTHODOX POPE ;D he got heaven and GOD on his side at all times. --CHIPSY
  • lol sandrahanna i noe nuttin. wat can i say. i am CHIPSY. lol -- marina
  • SINS r SINS, they will always BE SINS, but the only good thing bout them is, if you noe its cummin nd u dont do that GOD REWARDS YOU. --chipsy
  • my name is marina... im nown as chipsy. ummm which evr is fine. --marina