about prayers, Agpeya& Psalms!!

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i want 2 know if you ppl use the Agpeya when u pray or not.
and i have a question as well:
why do we pray the psalms? and wat is special about them


  • hey any1?!!!!!!!!
  • Ok, I dont pray from the agpeya, but I want to start... And we pray from Psalms because, they're, they're Psalms. They're really praised and special in the Church, but I dont know exactly why.
  • but I dont know exactly why

    that's wat i want 2 know?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :-\
  • i think we do the psmalms as preparation or maybe casue the psmals come first in the bible then the gospel or even when u rread the bible at church. maybe its praise about God and thats the praising of him.
  • mum told me that we pray the psalms of David cos God loves david's prayers nearly somethin like that but i can't really explain
  • OK people...hold on 'cuz this is a long but beautiful story....

    Our wonderful church actually retraces Christ's life on three levels...the DAILY...the WEEKLY...and the YEARLY...the yearly is of course well understood...that is...the beshara...then the advent...and going on till the ressurection (excuse my english :-[) and this is repeated yearly

    The weekly is actually in the tasbeha...in the "Ibsalyyat" that change daily and are repeated every week....Sunday's "Ibsalyya" for example commemorates (if I'm allowed to use that phrase) Christ's rising and alot of other things...(I would STRONGLY encourage ppl to pray the tasbeha)

    The daily...however...is the agpeyya....that's why it is so important...when we pray "Baaker", we remember Christ's risening, and pray for His mercy on us on this new day...when we pray the third hour, we remember the Pentcost, and Christ's trial before the Cross....when we pray the Sixth hour...we remember the Cross and the Horrible pains our Lord went through as a slave to protect his children from Satan...when we pray the Ninth hour, we remember Christ's bodily death...when we pray the 11th hour...we remember Christ going down from the cross...when we pray the 12th hour, we remember the grave where He was buried for three days...when we pray the three midnight prayers, we remember that the true Christian is the one who stays up and ready for the Lord's coming (or the person's death) "Hayat el Isteedaad"

    This is achieved through selected psalms...ones which the church gave us...for example...look at the first psalm in the 12th hour...and remember here we remember Christ's grave....

    IN conclusion....the psalms make us concentrate on the meaning of the hour that the church put before us..the prat of the Bible serves to do the same...and the parts after it lets us understand and go very deep into OUR part in all this...my personal relationship with my Lord through HIS church...

    Well...long topic, deep topic...ask ur FOC...but whatever u do...go through with the Agpeya...it's WONDERFUL....and deep...and teaches u a lot of things....

  • yeah i think i know that bit but, why do we use the psalms and not our own prayers and that's it?
  • Why not use BOTH? Think about it....

    David the King's heart, despite its failures, was one of the closest hearts to God EVER...that's why the Chruch chose to use David's Psalms...written with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to express what was written before...

    That doesn't mean u don't pray using ur own words, and GUIDED BY THE PSALMS AND OTHER LITURGICAL PRAYERS...:D That's the point...what do u think humans alone can do when trying to pray for their God...if there was no mass, no agpeya...no sacrements...if the church was just a building we come sing praises in...how'll u know ur Lord? There'll come a time where u won't know what to say! That the church's point! We're humans, we have a limited mind, after that, we just can't grow without His Grace through His Church!

    Pray for me

  • O thats so cool, i never knew that... i never really prayed from the agbeya to me it was always something teta and gedoo did, but i started reading some pslams and prayers like tryingto understand them they are truly beautiful... we should start i guess cuz if we dont then by the time we have kids they won't understand the essence of the agbeya..=]

    -sandra A.
  • yeah i agree with ye sandra but we should also understand wut we're doin cos with me i feel like i'm just movin my lips blah blah blah...
    sometimes it gets 2 like i'm thinking about other thing and my eyes r just rolling around the words ::)
  • There u go...the essence is "Idkhol illa el 3omk" or translated loosely "Go into the depths" in ur relationship with God through his church...

    May God help us and bless us all

  • There u go...the essence is "Idkhol illa el 3omk" or translated loosely "Go into the depths" in ur relationship with God through his church...

    so, if it is like that so i'm asking you to pray for me a lot because that would take ages with me!
  • praying in the Agpeya is really important...so can you guys for example say all the words and praise the lord as in the psalms?...we will pretent that we don't know any psalms...so can you say all the beuatiful words in the psalms by your self!!i don't think so...because it has the most beuatiful word that some of you guys don't even know!so try to start praying in the agpeya at least in the morning and before you go to bed you simply read the thanks giving prayer,psalm 150,2psalms from whatevr prayer you are going to pray,and the gospil,and then your own personal small prayer,and then our father and i think this is the simplest prayer you will ever see!
  • hey wat about memorizing psalms!

    do u memorize any

  • No, maybe next summer... :-\
  • No, maybe next summer...

    does that mean that u pray only when you r on holidays! ::)
  • No but school's coming up and this year I need to study really hard, and when I do have time I want to go to church and pray and read in the Bible, things like that.
  • alright!
    [glow=red,2,300]God be with you[/glow]

    [move]pray 4 me[/move]
  • so is that important or praying i mean you have to study but you have to organize your time!!you can't say excuzes becasue you don't want to pray!!
  • sandra I never said I dont want to pray. I said I will memorize Psalms later. Nothing about praying.
  • well at ECCYC

    what is that?

    they are actaully on this site.. I'll post up the link in a little bit..

    yes please, that would be great!
  • well at ECCYC

    what is that?

    PLZ some1 answer meeeeeeeee!!!!!
  • thanks MarMar!
  • well at ECCYC

    what is that?

  • that sounds interesting!
  • yeah they r really nice i'm still on the sec psalm!
  • you still have along way and watch out the....lolo....don't let him control you...he loves that specially when you are reading the bible!
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    ....Hey guyz...

    couldn't help but comment on ur topic!!!

    One reason why we pray the psalms is because of the authority of the psalms over the devils!!!!!!!!

    David still a boy would play his harp and sing his psalms causing the evil Spirit on King Saul to depart and comfort him,, same for us, the devils and his traps to depart!!!!

    read 1 samuel 16:22....

    Also till today those priest with the gift of casting demons use psalms!!!!!!!

    The psalms of david are a sweet aroma arising to The Creator... No one can say they have had such a full life as david did, He has psalms covering all feellings, emotion and experiences , they are absolutely awesome.. as H.H. Pope Shenouda says....

    Keep the psalms and they will keep You...

    trust me read them, and memorise one or two

    ur brother in Christ, Mark... GOD BLESS and Pray 4 me!

    '[email protected]'
  • the question about memorizing the psalms.

    "la`ow teh fazo el psamls, ho`ma ha yeh fa zoo koom"
    i heard that from a bishop, i dunn remember who. think it was abna moussa.

    nyways it means if u learn and memorize the pslams, they will take care of you and protect you. lol i noe many psalms, its not that hard to memorize them. nd if u memorize them, they help u in dealing with problems in life because most of them are talking with jesus and asking him for help.

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