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  • welcome to the site ;)
    ur in my prayers aswel
  • We Christians dont believe in "luck" hehe.. so I gotta stop using "Good Luck" .. u can use "I wish u well" instead.
    We believe everything happens for Gods own reasons.
  • ;) thats absolutely correct mikeforChrist good stuff btw welcome hope u enjo it here

    GB ALL
  • Hi everyone, it is me again well thanks a lot "mazza" and all those who prayed for me already, please continue praying.

    Yeah I'm sure some of you guys have prayed for me and I have to declare it here and make it very clear that 'Yes' God has helped me greatly tonight after long long waiting, well, God always help me but I mean in relation to a specific prop that happened a while back and that was the one I requested every body to pray for me for.

    Amazingly, the response came quick, clear and I feel much better about now, hey, that doesn't mean you take me out of your pryers no the other part of the prop still there and it is a bit complicated but I'm sure it will be solved by the Grace of God and your continous prayers.

    Yes people, Prayers does work and is something real plus it seems that this forum has some people who are really good at it, o/k I mean they pray with pure hearts and real solid faith.

    Pray more for me GBU all, GBU 'mazza' & 'FROG'.
  • rabena ma3ak
  • Thanks 'keep.smiling' and rabena m3ana all.
  • Hi All,

    It is really nice practice to share Jesus love through the Internet...... Already started to pray for requests found here.

    I guess it is time to Pray for Thanweya 3ammaa students in Egypt. They really need peace and strength from GOD.

    Also Pls pray for me as I am taking a very important deciion in my life...

    In communion of prayers.......
  • hey caro...i think this is such a great idea...theres too many names to mention right now...but everyone that asked for prayers from people in this prayer chain is in my prayers! and everyone please pray for friend...she is in surgery right now and all of your paryers will make me feel better about this...thanks to everyone and thanks to caro for this great idea of a prayer chain!
  • Hey Caro, its nice to know that ppl care about all this stuff. um... i think i pray for the family, egypt, usa, my friends, and theres many more,.... but those are the greatest htings and then you gotta thank god for everything he does. all i can say is that every1 asking for my prayers i pray for. and then we should all think about helping ppl THROUGH our prayers. thanks. goodbye ever1. :)
  • ill keep u guyz in mine... but pray for me n the family ;) thanks
  • i'll keep you in mt prayers MarMar91... this might sound silly but can you guys pray that my summer goes as i expected.. like i do all the church activities i can do.
  • Hey all,

    This prayer chain is really something... its so nice to see us all getting together and praying for each other...

    i hope you dont mind adding one more name to the list... mine! (and my family) ... keep us in your prayers :)

    take care and God bless
  • LORD remember us when thou comest into thy kingdom....
  • Please pray for MR who is getting exam results soon. Please lord, through the intercessions of the St Mary let her pass with a good grade. Amen.
  • I will be praying 4 u guyz.. ;D

    Plz guyz pleeease pray 4 us we are moving in a couple of dayz please just pray 4 our plans & safety of moving.
    We are going to be renting a house & if we like it we might buy it... please please PLEASE pray that this is the house 4 us because I have moved SOOOOOOOOO much in my life its just overwhelming and now I just want to settle down into one final house!!! its driving me nuts :-[i just want to tear my hair out!! :P lol
    God bless u all!!!!!! ;D

  • np MR and u laura are in my prayers. happy moving :) lol no dont tear ur hair out thats my job :P

    GB ALl
  • plz God please assist CG and CW and MA,MI,MI in choosing their subjects Lord plz guide em and plz let them make the rite decisions and in every way they glorify u


    GB ALL
  • Pls join me in Thanksgiving to our Lord Jesus Christ who answered our prayers! Thank you my Lord. Amen! Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen
  • thats gr8 to hear ;)

    GB ALL
  • Dear Father,

    I thank you for blessing us so much and keeping us safe during our time of travel, and watching over us like a good father & shepherd. I thank you that you permitted us to come to a church with a priest, as our former church does not have one anymore.
    I thank you for blessing us with wonderful christian family and friends, and a roof over our heads. I praise you for helping both my parents find work and guiding my mom in her practice. Oh heavenly father I am not worthy of all these things! :-\ have mercy on us. Glory be to you oh lord! ;D

    your servant, LNH.
  • i ask you my lord and saviour jesus christ to repose the soul of your beloved james. keep him and shelter him under your wings.
    james we will miss you so much as you were greatly loved in our church community
    R.I.P James :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
  • i ask the lord to help me through my coming exams and also help me to receive excellent marks.
  • [quote author=mazza link=board=10;threadid=1467;start=45#msg36076 date=1125218627]
    i ask you my lord and saviour jesus christ to repose the soul of your beloved james. keep him and shelter him under your wings.
    james we will miss you so much as you were greatly loved in our church community
    R.I.P James :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

    May you o Lord repose the soul of our sweet and beautiful brother james and may you give his family strength, comfort and peace. o James may u intercede on our behalf and never forget us in front of our Savior. we miss u tonnes already. we remember and will continu to remember all that u did in or church community :)

    R.I.P. our dear brother james :'(

    also Lord please help all my brothers and sisters that have exams starting tommoro please be with them and aid them and b with them when they call on u Lord.

  • May God be with guys... And may God be with me also, school's about to start and it's my last year (8th grade).
  • lord teach me to put u first, to let go of love for this world. u know my heart, i offer it to you. cleanse me from secret faults and the pride of life. help me to do well in 11th grade and help all my colleagues in school, church, this site, my family, everyone in my heart, and all who need your help including the recent hurricane victims in new orleans. help my uncle get thru, i can only imagine wat its like to have cancer. thru the intercessions of st george the prince of martyrs and all those who have pleased you since the beginning we pray with one voice saying our father ...
  • you guys can u please pray for a great family friend of mine. She's a great lady, has no children and now had grown in age with breast cancer. Please pray for her, i know GOD wants her :-[ but I LOVE HER. shes like a mother to meeee. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER RECOVERY. :'(

  • imma goin 2 school soon. its gunna b hard 4 meh to come and talk 2 you guys and express mi opinions and helping everyone [wish i cood quit schoool] but guess that cant happen. pray for meeee

  • Rabena ma3akom and with the lady with breast cancer but know its Gods will chipsy, may the Lord help u Epnomos Entaio, may the Lord help use all at skool
    ur all in my prayers
    please keep me in ur prayers i have sum acting at school to do i h8 it

    GB ALL
  • O LORD i pray that everything stays exactly the way it is now
    strengthen me in my faith
    through the intercessions of st. george the prince of martyrs o lord help us ALL and be at our right hand always
  • me Lord with school, and life...please God help me with homework, and tests

    [coptic]God Bless[/coptic]
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