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  O be careful    Not owner
  O Beloved    Not owner
  O come all ye faithful    Not owner
  O come Emmanuel    Not owner
  O coptic bride of my savior    Not owner
  O Great God    Not owner
  O M.A.R.Y/ يــــا م ر ي م   Not owner
  O Mother of light / Ya Om El-nor   Not owner
  O Only Begotten    Not owner
  O Pilgrim on your way to God
يا سائح للقاء يسوع
  Not owner
  O seeker to meet Jesus    Not owner
  O shephards    Not owner
  O tell me John    Not owner
  O the Deep, Deep    Not owner
  O Virgin Mary
يامريم البكر
  Not owner
  O what a Great Redemption    Not owner
  O what a wonder    Not owner
  Of all nations    Not owner
  Ommi ya madenti el haseena   Not owner
  Once Again    Not owner
  Only You    Not owner
  Our father in heaven    Not owner
  Our Lord, our Lord    Not owner
  Our Savior Has Summoned    Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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