O Beloved

O Beloved

O Beloved, O Beloved
I wonder how You feel
Wearing a crown of thorns
Wounded from head to heel

O Beloved, O Beloved
At Your blessed cross I kneel
You were despised and rejected
Wounded for my soul to heal

As I lift my eyes above
In tears I do confess
The wonders of Your love
And my unworthiness

The price of my sins You´ve paid
As those cruel stripes were made
My heart is torn with grief
As Your side was pierced

I watched those cruel soldiers
Mock, spit and curse Your Name
Vinegar that was so bitter
They gave to quench Your thirst

Lord instead of me You´ve died
That I might be purified
I know Your precious Blood did flow
To make me whiter than snow

Lord, Your heart is so forgiving
At Your feet I want to stay
Lord, Your cross is life giving
Power to lead me all the way

Lord, Your glorious cross I´ll follow
Wherever I may be
Lord, I´ll never forget Your sorrow
And Your sufferings for me

O Beloved, O Beloved
Nailed unto the cross for me
O, what sin hast thou committed?
Thou who callest all to be

O Beloved, wish that I could
Spend the rest of my life with Thee
Worshipping Thine holy Passion
Crucifying the flesh for Thee

Daughter of Zion, behold me,
Stricken and smitten for thee
Friend and kin Me have forsaken
There is none to comfort Me

All alone I´ll tread the winepress
All alone I´ll drink the cup
Shedding My Blood for thee to ransom
And My flesh for thee to sup

I was bound and I was smitten
And they did spit in My face
I was stripped, and I was scourged
I was condemned in Your place

Your sins became My crown of thorns
O that you could understand
Every time you sin anew
It´s one more nail in My hand

Like a lamb brought to the slaughter
Like a dumb sheep to be sheered
King, Creator, Lord and Master
By His creatures mocked and jeered

Despised, rejected, with grief acquainted
And of men was not esteemed
Bruised and wounded, sore afflicted
Yet, with His stripes we were healed

Lord, create in us a fountain
That with tears will overflow
And a heart contrite and broken
And the spirit within renew

O that we could shed the tears
Over Thy feet, pierced and bruised
O that we´d always remember
For our sins Thou wert abused