O tell me John

O tell me John

O tell me John, O tell me, about His shining face,
And how you were so lucky, on His chest your head laid?
Please answer me and tell me, John answered me and said: (2)
He called me the beloved, In His eyes I found grace,
He said Mary is your mother; I took her to my place.
His heart is ever beating, with love for the human race. (2)

And dear Peter please tell me, about the rock of faith,
And how you were appointed, a pillar in His Church?
Please answer me and tell me, Peter answered and said: (2)
Despite all my denials, His Love for me was great,
And while I was so bitter, my sins He did erase.
His heart is so forgiving, for sinners everywhere. (2)

Can you Andrew please tell me, how five small loaves of bread,
And two fish be sufficient, over five thousand fed?
Please answer me and tell me, Andrew answered and said: (2)
It's not really any figure, that means anything to THE LORD,
His prayer to THE FATHER, on a lunch willingly brought,
A boy with cheer donated this I never have thought. (2)

And you Thomas how did you; doubt that He is raised,
When you were not believing, He appeared just for your sake.
Please answer me and tell me, Thomas answered and said: (2)
I saw with my own eyes, the piercing of the nails,
and in his side a hole, where blood and water flowed.
By all His wounds and sufferings, He opened the Heaven's gates. (2)

And you Saul please tell me, how you accepted faith?
You became the good example, of service everywhere
Please answer me and tell me, St. Paul answered and said: (2)
I persecuted Church, and was against my Lord,
His Holy Spirit sought me, and I could hear His word.
His love is so enduring; He died for the whole world. (2)

All you my Lord's disciples, tell me more and more,
How when you were in trouble, of you he took good care?
All the disciples answered, we can never explain; (2)
The life that is awaiting, those who trust in His Name,
So joyful and so peaceful, there is no worry or pain.
Our life is all for JESUS, and death is a real gain.