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  • the first comment is good...but the words are not even correct so it makes it kind of hard to guess
  • We should have our own virtual Bible Studys on this website.....what do you think guys?
  • I think that jeans is ok except on a Sunday Liturgy...
    in jeans Comment by WWJD86 September 2006
  • Remember that there is always a time for everything....your job can come in 5 hours, 5 days or 5 years. Whenever God wants you to get this job, he will give it to you. And have much faith that you will get a job. this will work. We, the members of…
  • Do you know what book it was?
  • i dont really believe that those stats are is coming from the media
  • There is no such thing as properly danced...look at the forum called "Is dancing wrong"
  • I dont think the HCOC is sounds like there are only guys and on there website there is pictures of the productions and the members...idont remember seeing any girls
  • Now i have one question.....What is the harm in Masterbating to your mind is free of it still a sin? Why or why not?
  • In Marochasf (Let them Exalt), it does mention the pope....but when the deacon says "Stand in the fear of God and let us hear the gospel from the mouth of our honored father Abba__..." that does not mention the pope. Marochasf and the part mention…
  • whoever voted that its a spiritural thing.....May God be with you....Myspace is definetely wrong....its a big waste of time....STAY AWAY All it is is a site of sin
  • actually, there is a different introduction when the bishop is there and a different introduction when the pope is there. Its in the liturgy book. the one for the bishop doesnt mention the pope becuase its the bishop reading
  • I remember Bishop Youseff said in a sermon that instead of inviting Christ, we are inviting the devil becuase of the dancing. Also because of alcohol but all these things are truly inviting the devil.
  • yeh baladoos, thats an amazing answer and can help us all in our tribulations. thanks and God Bless
  • not only is rock bad but all other music is bad....only music for the glorification to the Lord is good, and i dont mean rap stars who sing about God, i mean Coptic Music. Those songs are so blasphemist, the ones about Jesus when the rappers sing …
  • also to add to what everyone said, there is another part after the aboslution - may your servants and ministers of this day.......after this is done, then the congregation says a part which is like em penyot etayout en arshi erevs papa abba..... and…
  • THey say it all together.....its so nice
  • yup, and i have all of them lol there are very nice
  • i meant not at fault, just are their hymns accurate enough to learn from. How many cds do they have out?
  • the HCOC also recorded it on their vesper praise, the watos intro
  • On under streaming coptic lituries has categories called Liturgy of St. John
  • Reading even a verse a day is good, as long as you benefit from it, so a paragraph is ok too. also, you have to make sure that you get the message of that one paragraph, not just read it and close the bible and thats it. it pointless if you do that.
  • Thank you for your help Orthodox11.. I really appreciate it.
  • don't forget that the days of feasts have their own doxologies and of course some fasts do as well.
  • i personally HATE myspace with a passion. people who have it have no lives......especially its bad because some people use it to make fun of others, like i know someone who made a priest a myspace..thats just wrong. there is alot of develish things …
  • a priest, or even anyone cannot take communion more than once in one day so no a priest may not pray 2 liturgies in one day, and yes priests may skip. in my church, we have 4 but only 3 come because one is very old.
  • what is the password for that site
  • thank you
  • i think its for the people who have recently died but sometimes we so have still pray for ppl who have died along time ago. anytime there is someone that dies, usually the first name said is H.G. Bishop Karas. but i dont know why, thats a good quest…
  • its really easy to get rid f an addiction to rap. it was easy for me. i was hooked on it and i couldnt stop listening to it. and then i started to get closer to church and instead of rap i started to listen to both. then i learned how to read coptic…