Prayer for the Departed

why do we pray for the dead people if they are already dead, we say "repose all their souls in the paradise of joy", if they are already in a waiting place, (paradise or hades) then its not like our prayers are going to change where they are going, like God isnt going to get the person out of hades because we prayed for them during the liturgy in the prayer of the departed, so why do we pray for them?


  • i think its for the people who have recently died but sometimes we so have still pray for ppl who have died along time ago. anytime there is someone that dies, usually the first name said is H.G. Bishop Karas. but i dont know why, thats a good question
  • Prayer is like a communication between us and God..right?
    Well the depareted people can see over us and they pray for us as i think it's something from both sides...they pray and we pray.
  • our prayer doesnt do anything to that person, it is just supplication for them.... i think... that is what i heard from one of the bishops
  • well said MINA A.

    thats all it really is. i agree with what everyone says
  • Prayer for the departed souls relieves them of the sufferings they endure.
  • what do you mean by sufferings? i thought that in paradise, there is no such thing as suffering ???
  • thanx MarMar91... but is there such thing as a little sin?
    and does God not remind us of our sins while we are on earth so we can repent of them on earth?

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