Liturgy of St. John the son of thunder

What happened to it and why is it not allowed?


  • basicly because it's ethiobian (1 of the 14 litrugies they have). also H.H. said that there is some words that are not right. that's why he said we are not allowed to pray until atleast s committe of Bishops can have the time to correct it.
  • i also heared that HH pope shenouda said that we already have 3 liturgies which we know their origin and trust them and those saints who put them,so why would we need to use another liturgies which may contain alot of mistakes ? and we can`t allow any priest to come up with any prayer from any where and start using it inspite of using the 3 we have.
    though i like the Liturgy of St. John the son of thunder, but as pope shenouda said so we must obey him.he is definitly right.
  • Has anyone ever used it before it was band?
  • On under streaming coptic lituries has categories called Liturgy of St. John
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