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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with a certain sin that i cant stop....iits pretty famous sin among us teenagers. If you dont know what i am talking about, its masturbation.
I have a big problem with it and i cant stop. please give me advice
Thank You and God Bless


  • whats the sin?
  • wow.. u answered pretty fast...hahaha i mentioned it above
  • sry coptic3, it is 4AM, lol

    lets get to the stuff that will help:

    mat 5:
    28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

    29 And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

    30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.
    Masturbation is a very difficult issue to deal w/ at youth. The main problem is self-control of our physical bodies desires. Similar to controlling our bodies during fasts.

    The whole purpose of masturbation/sex is for pleasure. By doing this you are feeding the desire of the body.

    Two things here have offended you: 1) your eye, 2) your hand

    Both in scripture show that they should be cut/plucked off! But we will not go to that extent because it should not be taken literally.

    Look at it this way. Every single occurence of masturbation is equal to adultery. And every single "partner" that you have committed this sin with will be remembered. So in your memory remains the history of all these women/men that you have committed this sin with.

    Another factor is when seeking marriage or courting. (NOT THAT I APPROVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE DURING COURTSHIP) Due to your history with other women/men during masturbation this will make it extremly difficult in choosing a partner because of the variation that you have been exposed to previously. Even though we know this sacrament remains in God's hands, we must also aid in the process. This will make you reject a prospective partner because of appearance which does not hold truth. This may also cause future problems when having intercourse with your future partner during wedlock.

    Erections may not occur due to insuffiency of your partner to please you as you did previously. When it was said nobody knows you better than yourself (they werent wrong), especially when it comes to masturbation because of breathing. So pleasure from masturbation maybe better than sexual intercourse because you know how to control yourself.

    If you are a male, free testosterone in the blood is converted to DHT (which is responsible for male secondary sex characteristics) during masturbation. An excess of DHT might cause baldness earlier, also including genetic factors . Dont want that, do we? Females dont have that problem because of lower levels of testosterone.

    Instead of shifting all your strength into masturbation, whether your a male or female (esp men because of testosterone levels), try to go to the gym, run (something called runner's high which will secrete dopamine, like masturbation). Imagine how much time you have wasted masturbated where you could have focused that time into learning new hymns, volunteering, reading the bible, or even working. The keyword is to "shift" this desire into something else that will benefit you more than anything.

    I hope i have helped you with my little knowledge of this topic.

    And speak to your Father of Confession regarding this topic for assistance.

    May the Lord stand by you and your family.

  • Thank you for your reply, it really did help,,,i actually learned something!!! is there anyone else with more advice to add to sidwinder
  • During this lifetime, many moments of our lives are wasted in vain, many years go by being wasted in many sins, and we keep going further and further away from Christ.

    The main problem is that we are not keeping Jesus constantly infront of our eyes, because if we were we would not be hurting Him so much; if we kept that image of Him, nailed to the cross, bleeding for me up there, we would not think about hurting Him again, after having already suffered so much for us.

    You have to always remember that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; God's spirit, Jesus Himself lives inside of you! Can you imagine having the king of kings living in you but deciding to forget about Him, and not respecting the body which He gave you

    I have a big problem with it and i cant stop

    Never ever say "you cant stop", you can stop, not on your own, but by the one that makes His strength perfect in our weakness, the one that through Him all things are possible. It is obvious that you want to stop, otherwise you would not be asking for help, but you have to ask yourself are you trying hard enough to stop, are you trying as much as possible to avoid everything that causes you to do this sin?

    You have to try hard, with many prayers, with many tears, and remember to never give up, even if you fall many times again, you have to remember that we arent perfect, but always assure yourself and have confidence that you can do all things in Christ who strengthens you

    Try to keep yourself busy, be involved in sports, or in activities, try to help out in church, or join clubs in school, anything that can fill up your time and keep your mind off the thought.

    Trust in God and know that if you really ask Him from your heart and put your hand in His, He will never leave you alone, He will always be by your side and help you in your struggle
  • i wanna congratulate you on taking the first step to recovering from this is... and that is admitting that you have a problem and you know that what your doing is wrong!!! that alone is heaps to work with and is a great acheivment!

    if you want somehting practical to do can i suggest that every night in your prayers (make sure u dont miss a night) kneel before God and do three martarn3a's (sorry i dont know how to spell it) as your doing them pray and say "Through the Power of The Holy Spirit and my Lord Jesus Christ... take away this sin of masturbation" do this three times every night and remind yourself that it is this that will stop you from going to heaven... be repentant about it and dont be affraid to speak with your confession father about it!! know that he has expereince with such sins and he will tell u how to deal with it.
  • abona can really give u some good advice! and if you don't want to listen to abona atleast listen to the facts and understand them any sexual relationship might invlove HIV and if u get it...then that is it.! you are a goner! and our culture and our morals doesn't allow for us to do such a thing! and ofcourse you have to be a virgin when u get married!
    and if not then againe if you are a girl the you are goner, but if you are a boy atleast care about the girl you are gonna marry cuz she might get inficted if you are inficted!
  • Hello Coptic3, how are you lol. Look lol first of all I really admire you because you have taken the first step wich is knowing that masurbation is fully wrong. you must know one thing that masturbation does really hurt GOD and also hurts the nature of you being a human created on the image of GOD. Can you imagine your hands and eyes that you stand to pray to GOD with are used for something that hurts GOD? Lol I want you to do these excercises:

    1: Get away from every single thing that helps and encourages you to do this sin
    2: Once you feel that the thought came to you and telling you to do the sin, jump from bed and do mataniat until you get really really tired and you can't even stand, keep doing that, this is one of the best methods to get over this sin.
    3: If you are a guy or a girl, look at your friends of opposite sex from church and try to make very nice friendship with them, once you do, you will feel really embarrased to do the sin because you admire your friends and you can't think of your opposite friends in a bad way
    4: Pray a lot to GOD to help you and never ever give up and lose hope in GOD no matter how many times you fall because it is written in the bible "La tashmaty fee ya 3adewaty la2any en sakat akoom), and consider that every time you fight this sin and try GOD gives you crown of trying to be pure.
    5: Falling in this sin while you are trying to fight this sin is much much better to GOD than falling to it because you want to do it. If you fall while you are fighting it, GOD puts his hands and helps you because he knows that you are fighting, and I'm sure you are trying to fight this sin because you are askin for help, most importantly you must tell you FOC because this really helps.
    6: you have to understand how bad this sin is for your health. If you are a male, every time semen comes out, each 1 cm of semen causes your heart to try to make an equivalent of 15 cm of new blood, so imagine how much you hurting yourself everytime you are doing it, also it does affect a lot your eye sight, so lol also you don't wana lose your eye sight. Also it does affect the percentage of you being able to get kids in the future, but to be correct, you have to be addicted very badly to this sin so that you don't get kids but it happens. If you are a female, again its very bad for you because you might tear your hymen while you are doing masturbation and like this you are not a virgin which is very bad lol.

    7: Try your very best to always tell your self that with the help of GOD you will not do this sin, keep your thoughts pure, masturbation will waste a lot of nice things you can do in your age, it will make you feel lonely and will make you try to always get the desire and the plesure from your self, in other words you will be selfish, while in your age you should be open to other people so that you can make good personality and nice friendships with everyone (whether same sex or opposite)

    8: Read lost of stories of saints, life of saints show great examples on how these saints used to prefer to die rather than losing thier purity, when you read this before you sleep, it will make you grow stronger and will make you fight it, and you must know, the devil will always try to convince you that there is no hope in stopping this sin while there is definitely a hope of stopping this sin (ofcourse with the help of GOD and taking his holy body and blood).

    9: like how other people said, try to involve yourself in lots of activites, keep yourself busy all the time, play sports, go to the gym, serve in church, learn new hymns: I personally find that this helps a lot in fighting against sins regarding purity so please try it and you will see how it helps. Make friendship with the pure guys from your church, becuase when you see how they go stronger in their spiritual life, this will influence you to become stronger and stronger.

    10: Always confess about this sin to you FOC no matter how many times you fall, this helps a lot because your FOC will give you lots of techniques, and never feel shy to go to abouna and confess about it especially if you are a girl, because that's exactly what the devil wants, devil wants you to be shy and never go to abouna so that you would continue in this sin, and Lol how would you trust that masturbation won't lead you in the future to full adultry? so be carfull for your spiritual life, we are the sons and daughters of Christ.

    Again I do repeat that its very very good from you that you seek help because that means that you are fighting this sin, please always ask for help and sorry for the long msg


  • wow that was spot on baladoos!!!
  • yeh baladoos, thats an amazing answer and can help us all in our tribulations. thanks and God Bless
  • guys its okkkkkkk, these are not my words btw, they are just off what the books say hahahahaha,

    God bless
  • Everyone has given excellent advice.. might i Just add a couple of things..

    When you feel your are about to commit this particular sin, look at the woman closely. And think, this woman can only satisfy the needs of my flesh, but Lord Jesus Christ satisfys my everyneed.

    Also think: The love of my Lord Jesus is greater than any false love I can get from a human being.

    Last but not least think: The Lord loves me, and I love him, he gave up his body for me. Therefore I shall give my body to him, and not give my body into tempation from the devil.
  • Now i have one question.....What is the harm in Masterbating to your mind is free of it still a sin? Why or why not?
  • masturbating to nothing means its so bad ur lack of self contorl that u do it out of habit
  • its said that 95% of teenage boys masterbate and the 5% are assumed lying

    i dont know? media makes it seem so normal.. im so confused now.
  • Hey Guys, I just want to say one thing, if anyone thinks about masturbation to nothing, just ask yourself that question: Can I get christ with me to do this??? well i think the answer is very big NOOOOOO, God the pure can't accept something like this, and there is one thing that I need to say, even if is 95% of teenagers masturbate that doesn't mean that we have to do it because we are the children of God and we are not supposed to do it, St Athanasius was told once "The whole world is against you athanasius" he replied "And I'm against the world" and can you imagine, the wholleeeeee worldddddddd, not just some people, imgaine us now, we have the power of GOD to help us, and again I'm telling everyone this, don't ever lose hope if you fall once or twice or any number of times as long as you are trying to get over this sin and fight, every one fights this sin will never lose his crown from GOD. GOD is fair and will help you no matter how many times you are falling. Guys please take care from this sin, its very bad for your spiritual life, health, and social life, it just devistates the person completely, and you must know that this sin doesn't stop after marriage, and if you think that you will do masturbation now and then stop after marriage then you are WRONGGGGGG, because there are times when the wife or the husband just can't have relationships and this will mean that the person that is used to masturbation will get back again to the sin of masturbation because he/she can't control him/her self. Guys and girls, we all have friends from the same church, for a guy, look at your friends from the girls that you really like, can you imagine how much you hurt their dignity as human when you think about masturbation?? and vice versa for girls when they look at guys?? God created us to be pure. Keep fighting guys and God be with you.

  • i dont really believe that those stats are is coming from the media
  • Some advice.........cut out all your sources that lead you to this sin.
    Read the bible. When you taste God's word, you feel moved by its comforting power. The epistles teach you how much more important the heavenly life is. The pleasures of this world are so temporary, The pleasure of tasting God's word and living in heaven is ETERNAL.
    We have to notice something. People are willing to get killed for Christ. They don't do it out of pride for being a Christian, they do it because they know that their religion (i dont like to call chirstianity a religion) is the TRUTH.

    This sin is deadly. But it can be defeated never ever lose hope.
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