the addiction of rap music and other music

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u know how i was tellin u about my bad hood. well, i used to not like rap then i had these gangster nahbors(in a real gang, i think it was the Crips ) and every friday night they would a bunch of sluts and play loud music and party. since their party room was closest to my room. i was awakened to some 50 cent rap and they played it from 12:00 at night to 5:00 in the morning. so i tried to hard to sleep. but i couldn't. and now i am adiicted to rap all thanks to them. and my church did this thing about how bad rap is and i wanna stop. so please give me advice. or if u have links to good music websites. tell me.

ps. the gangsters were cought by the police for illegal stuff and are now in jail for a wail.


  • Im addicted the candyshop and other bad musics>>>( I really dont like the words though) I just like the tune) Im so addicted that i listen to it on my radio and now in my brain... but sometimes I like to pray before i start it<DONT KNOW WHY> has great hymns to listen to>>go to: hymns in the top
  • ok here it is. music is music. it isn't how you live your life. if you're starting to wear sean jean and southpole, beware because then you're probably being influenced by the way rappers live their lives. For example, i love the beatles but they were all on pot and had like no religion lol but it doesn't matter to me because it's just music! and some of michael jackson's stuff is good too, but again, i don't care about the way he lives his life. now rap does have some dirty lyrics and you should try to listen to other stuff but if you listen to it in the car, its just not... the end lol. Personally, i'm a rock person but i like some rap. I just prefer to listen to it on the radio because its somewhat edited and when there's a curse every other word it makes me twitch somewhat.. so that gets annoying. Ok i'm extremely sorry for rambling and i'll try to sum up my advice. You should try to take a break from it if you feel addicted because you should NEVER feel like you're addicted to ANYTHING! When that happens, you see it as if it were a god, and i know you don't mean to, trust me, i know! but that's what it becomes. and after a break if you think you can handle it without getting addicted again, listen to it in a fair amount of moderation and don't pay attention to their lives.
  • hay guys look im gonna say this short and 2 the point no1 eva sed that listening 2 this type of music is bad itz just the influnce u get frm listening 2 it see i listen 2 eminem and nelly and 50 cent etc.... but there is 1 thing 2 it u dont c me saying ne of the stuff they say or smockin crack u no itz all about how strong u r if u r weak u will listen 2 this music and then u will try 2 do all the thins they do but if u r strong u will not b affected by it itz just lik arabic music all they talk about is love and how much wives thayve had and all the heart break theyve gone through u no

    lol i sed short and 2 the point but i did exactly the oppsite but i hope i helped
  • gr8 reply andrew64

    wel in my opinion, i cant stand all that rap, hip hop- oh its becoming so lame now
    seriousli all they sing about is sex, drugs, sex and god knows what
    its so pathetic lol
    so y waste ur time listening 2 a bunch of complete fools when we have the most beautiul songs ever made.
    - our coptic songs
    - hymns etc
    - there is new modern praise and worship songs and omg they are awsome, im adicted 2 em lol
    but theyre praising jesus
    check it out- its like a radio wif no adds and has the best christian songs
    wel i hope ive helped
    take care
    mazza ;)
    p.s - guys plz pray 4 me, i have my big final exams cuming up- so i need prayers urgently
  • mar mar i am glad i wasn't lazy to read your longresponce to my problems. i was acually glad u took the time to write allthat for me.
    i also thank everyone else that took the time to help me and advice me in my problems.

    irini pasi
  • its really easy to get rid f an addiction to rap. it was easy for me. i was hooked on it and i couldnt stop listening to it. and then i started to get closer to church and instead of rap i started to listen to both. then i learned how to read coptic and learned the hymns. so now i dont even listen to any music anymore but just hymns and liturgies. and remember that u have to pray and whenever u feel lie listening to music just pray or call someone so you dont get tempted
  • Well, music and the addiction of it is horrible you don't need to listen to even the rhythm, listening to alhan is a better way to learn hymns don't listen to songs that can drift you from church aren't we children of God then listen to God when you are free do something exciting like playing a game on the internet don't think that music is one way to express yourself, it's just a bad influence to others you don't need music, when I was little I would hate people from church listening to music everytime they try to listen to it I just leave and I keep on telling them music is wrong but alhan is better, if you want to listen to alhan God will be proud of you, let me tell you this my friends when I was little used to leave me because I didn't like music and these girls were from church so I would ask them "why do you guys keep leaving me" and they say "because you don't like music" I mean music can change you in one way or another so you don't want to listen to music especially rap!

    Okay, here is a little quote: Rap can change you, Alhan can change you to better

    Ahlan is the best to choose, and learn the great hymns!
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