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  • thx alot guys :) :D u can`t imagine how helpful this would be to me.these are great ideas....i wish u all could attend my engagment ceremony.... plzzzzzzzzz pray for me alot thx again and "3o2balko game3an" btw,if anyone has any more ideas plz shar…
  • plz helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp  :(
  • hi shonda, how r u ? hope everything is good.i have about 7 coptic songs by cantor zaher.i can send them to u if u wish,just tell me when u will b on line.... :) pray for me
  • the lyrics for "out of the dpeths i cried", esma3 sorakhi ya sayedi wa ela salaty amel ozonik er7amni w amsek bi yadi fa ana fe 7aga shadeda elek, ha kad a3yat feya nafsy men deky ad3oka ya raby wa anta wahdak azkorak li annaka shaba3 kalby, esma…
  • i had their recording of the midnight praises and they r very voice,correct coptic pronuncing and huge knowledge of hymns.but our fr. (who was a very good cantor before being ordinated as a priest ) once told us that some big cantors said t…
  • [quote author=7karas link=board=1;threadid=4178;start=15#msg58352 date=1154226965] As our lord gave up his spirit as u know there was a great earthquake etc. and at that time there was a darkness that was all over the land. What was this darkness it…
  • Music is a great gift from God. The book of the Bible that is used the most in Church is the Book of Psalms (Songs), so there's nothing wrong with becoming a singer if you're doing it for the right reasons what do u mean by right reasons? does the…
  • good question Why? also can anyone give me explaination to this part if the thursday theotokia : i saw a miracle that appeared in heaven,a woman is closed with the sun,and the moon also ,was under her feet. upon her head was a crown of twelve stars,…
  • hi shenouda, sorry for being late ,i have the tape but i will have to record it on my pc then send it to you .it may take me few days coz i have exams .as soon as i finish,i will send it. gbu
  • this really is a good topic.i have always wondered about people who put hymns.i wish to know who put these awesome hymns.hope that anybody can give any information.