who are the people who put hymns?

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i was wondering about our hymns and who put them.some authers are well known because the mentioned their names in the hymns like cantor Carkis ,but most of hymns we don`t know who wrote them and put their tone.
please if anyone can help me i would be thankfull.


  • aywa ya 3am shnoda, bas entah bardoh lazem tedeena la7n mo7adad 3ashan ne3raf ne2olak meen dah w'ismoh eh. ;)
    laken entah sayebhalnah 3aymah kidah.... ;D ana bahazar...
    la sa7ee7, 7aded belzabt anhy la7n ely entah seme3toh, edeena el link beta3oh belzabt, we7nah han7awel nesa3dak b'qadr el emkan... :D

    hey shnoda, we don't mind helping you at all, brother. however, it would be really helpful if you'd give us the exact hymns by providing their precise links. ('cause i don't know which specific hymn(s) you're talking about :-\ - there are many of them, you know) we'll be more than happy to help you, shnoda. okay... waiting for links of hymns... ;D
    (i think... ??? :-\ )

    salam ;D
  • thx filo 4 ur help,
    ana mesh 3ayez 7aga mo7dada, ana 3ayez a3raf kader el emkan.ya3ni law ge fe balk ay l7n te3raf men el ma3alem elly alefo send me 3altol.
    bas 3ashan asahel el modo3 shewia momken nebtedy b l7n "pek ethronos" 3ashan fe esboo3 el allam elly fat wa7ed men el 7`odam sa2lny :" enta 3aref men elly 7at el l7n dah walla bet2ol we 7`alas",
    so karrat eny adawar 3ala kol el al7an 3ala ad ma2dar we a3raf men elly 7atohom.
  • this really is a good topic.i have always wondered about people who put hymns.i wish to know who put these awesome hymns.hope that anybody can give any information.
  • Hey, how is it going, about the coptic hymns, they are referred back to the age of the apostole St mark when he came to egypt. About the tone of the alhan, they are actually the tones taken from the old egyptian (pharos) and they are very closely related. e,g the hymn of (epouro) is exactly the same tune as a hymn that the old egyptian use to sing when they use to invite their king. The hymn of (golgotha) is the same as a certian hymn that the old egyptian use to sing when they used to bury their dead people. So basically the coptic people took lots of the hymns from the old egyptian and they put the words themsleves for it, some of the hymns are lattin language but the tune is the same again, (by the way these information are right because I took it out of my encyclopedia of coptic hymns) so I hope it helps
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