ideas for good engagment party

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i will have my engagment party in 2 months and i am thinking of how to make it a good one without having DJ and dancing and all this is so hard to do so this days in egypt and most of people won`t accept it but i don`t want to make my lord sad.
so i want suggestions for a program of 3 hours to make it an interesting party and keep the guests from getting bored.....plz any practical ideas


  • plz helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp  :(
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    plz helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp   :(

    I don't understand, i was invited to 2 engagement parties in shoubra, and they had dancing in both. And very strict families also.

    Now, I didnt know either of the families, but u can imagine being in shoubra - its not the ritz. The dancing was SOO FUNNY. my cousin's best friend was dancing - he's hilarious.

    But if u don't want to dance, its OK. I respect that. I'm not a huge fan of dancing either. I was just surprised as it seemed quite widely accepted now in Egypt.

    I think there are other ways to have fun. You could do French folklore dancing. EVERYONE will love this. Its so nice. Its a group dance in fact in 2 concentric circles - its called La dance de breton.

    If u REALLY REALLY do not want any dancing - why not get a band over to play romantic music in your house? Or, if u are really REALLY religious, why not get them to play taraneem or alhan instead??

    Everyone's different. as I said, im not a huge fan of dancing at all ; but I attended one wedding where they just read the Bible during the wedding reception. That was really interesting. When the Husband came to kiss his wife, the priest that was present got a large white towel and covered them both so they could kiss in the privacy of the white towel.

    I guess that's a good idea for your wedding reception if u like!?  Not sure.

    Anyway, for the engagement, why not just have friends over and bring a few cases of wine, or light drinks and just celebrate with them your plans for getting married? That's what the French do. We don't dance at all in parties - its very rare actually. We just have loads of friends over and we sit down and chat, or play games. I was invited to one such party, and all we did is chat and play games until 4 AM. I forgot what games we played, but it was fun. It wasn't snakes and ladders - lol.. no no no.. it was very intellectually stimulating.

    Many congratulations by the way, and rabena ya tamem be-khir.
  • if u don't want to do any of that then why bother with a party aslan ?
    Just do a ceremony we 5od 3arostak 3ala restuarant 7elow we el leila te3dy we 5alas  ;D
    congratulations to u both
  • [quote author=Marianne87 link=topic=7037.msg93889#msg93889 date=1219183227]
    if u don't want to do any of that then why bother with a party aslan ?
    Just do a ceremony we 5od 3arostak 3ala restuarant 7elow we el leila te3dy we 5alas  ;D
    congratulations to u both

    Yeah, just go to a nice quiet romantic restaurant. And if your engagement is during the fasting period, just order a small coffee without milk.
  • First of all, I would like to commend you for your choice. St. John Chrysostom (Yo7ana Zahabie el-Famm) talked about the wedding parties and how we're not supposed to celebrate like the world does, but rather with all holiness of the occasion.

    You can find his book here:,M1

    I have attended a friend's of mine wedding reception party and it was probably the best one ever. His wife's father was an abouna too so this had to be very good "no dancing" wedding.

    First the guests arrived with Big Autograph books that people got to sign and sign it for them in the front of the reception. They went in and sat down and they had soft music going on. After a while they arrived. First was the entrance of the parents of the bride and the groom: a family friend was introducing them and everyone was cheering. Then the brides and grooms siblings and their spouses with the same way; getting introduced and all. Then the grooms men and the brides maids getting coming in and introduced. It was really nice. Then the bride and the groom came in and the announcer introduced them and everything. It was really fun.

    When they came in. The groom's best man got up and said a big speech about the groom and so did the bride's sisters and friends gave their speeches. Then they opened the flood for speeches for whoever wanted to say something.
    The parents spoke too. And even the bride the groom spoke. They thanked everyone and talked about their relationship and how they fell in love and all that. It was really amazing.

    Then they the food came out. People ate. Then the bride and the groom came around and took pictures with every table.

    They left disposable camera's at the tables so people can take pictures for them to develop.

    They also left little pieces of paper for people to give them pieces of advice for being married.

    Then after the food and some more music (soft music not dancing).. the best man started a little game and they gave out crosses (like the one abouna holds): like he asked if anyone has a white cellphone? or anyone has an agpeya?

    then they cut the cake and handed it out.

    then the bride threw the flowers backwards for girls to catch it. the groom did the same thing too.. hehe

    then it was late and everyone started leaving and they left too!

    May be this is more so like a wedding reception but it might give you a few ideas for your engagement party!

    Best of luck! It was be the best reception ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • y dont u ask abouna for advice?

    plzz p4m sister in Christ
  • I talked to an abouna that is really cool and fun and he gave me a few more ideas.

    1- A slide show with your pictures from baby pictures of the bride and the groom. Pictures of first grade, 2nd grade and so on till college pictures and engagement pictures together and then up to marriage.

    2- In one party, one of the bride maids had a really nice voice so she sangs a nice religious song(a tarneema) that the couple liked.

    3- You can find quotes about marrige by the holy fathers and verses and through it on the slide show. This will be educational and entertaining.

    4- A couple can get up and say jokes about being married. This will clean fun and entertainment.

    5- One of the grooms men can get up and do a roast
    A roast would be like mentioning funny stories that has happened with the groom before (but in a respectful way of course for entertainment. And you'ld do the same with one of the bride's maids about the bride.

    6-Then the cake.

    This by itself should at least take 1.5 hours

    Best of luck and alf mabrook again.

  • Pharoahg,
    That sounds like a really good plan. Even if the slide show isn't done, there are other things that can be done that are way way more interesting and fun than just dancing.

  • thx alot guys :) :D
    u can`t imagine how helpful this would be to me.these are great ideas....i wish u all could attend my engagment ceremony....
    plzzzzzzzzz pray for me alot
    thx again and "3o2balko game3an"

    btw,if anyone has any more ideas plz share
  • Actually, many - MANY (!!) years ago, I attended the wedding of an old friend. There was no dancing, but the reception seemed so lively. I wrote a song for the couple. He was Egyptian (Copt) and his wife was English. I sang it with a few deacons (it had a really good tune), and they just loved it.

    I mean, the words were so cute. In fact, I remember the deacons who attended the wedding and sang this with me were so impressed that they honestly wanted to sing this in other weddings - during the wedding service (!!!).

    I mean, it was in arabic, but when they translated the lyrics to his wife, she loved it even more.

    So, doing something creative, like singing, a small play, or reciting poetry made for the occassion is REALLY under-estimated!!!
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