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  • he carried you ,can you carry him? that always does bring tears to my eyes :'(
  • oh i know the feeling you have must be killing and its been soo long to, but listen. Our lord Jesus Christ did not say he loved us but showed us, gave us the best gift in the history of man kind. Maybe that is what you need to do. Show him that you …
  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=13;threadid=3161;start=15#msg47435 date=1139367582] nope, it just means that generally, like in marriage, the man is supposed to have the autority and be the head of all, but it also stresses equality saying that wo…
  • [quote author=salsoul link=board=13;threadid=3161;start=15#msg47396 date=1139349670] A real deacon, is someone who is fully consacrated, just like a deaconess, they consacrate their lives fully to service, and live a celibate life. "deacons" those…
  • [quote author=Andrew Saad link=board=13;threadid=3160;start=15#msg47425 date=1139365805] [quote author=Gods kid link=board=13;threadid=3160;start=15#msg47420 date=1139359399] i didnt mean that they are dead like that i meant that they do not live f…
  • just push the big red x thing adn don't worry about it, tis not like you went there on purpose. god knows whats in your heart. ::)
  • i don't know if you would call this a miracle but i was a t schol and i had lost a very important peice of paper. evedently i must have dropped it on the ground somewhere. Well i went home, knowing i was going to fall, so i decided to open the bible…
  • i just like to start of with thanks guys for al the advice and prayers but like i said he refuses to talk to me and its almost impossible to send any messeges. what i need is some thing really creative, that's why i'm wondering if anyone has any ide…
  • thanks guys i didn't know that
  • thanks guys, i was getting kind of worrried there and nice info on how priests got to wear black ;D
  • oh no no no its just that some people think that if you wear black your a goth adn thus a santanist (i don't think i spelled that right).
  • just wait alittle while and the crush will go away and don't forget to pray ;D
  • like i said, tried it all. and i know that theres other people, but i feel really bad. he came up too me when no one else would... i guess you just don't understand. its okay though, please pray for me that's what i really need right now.
  • sorry i guess i didn't make myself clear. :-\
  • his friends hate me and enjoy cousing me pain but it could never hurt to try. thanks.
  • thanks but i don't know how i can since he has so many friends all who would do anything for him, but i'll see what i can do thanks again pray for me :)
  • [quote author=sandrahanna link=board=13;threadid=2401;start=0#msg37422 date=1125870527] god you remind me the boy in my art class lat that boy used to sew his skin it was the most discusting thing i have ever saw in my life…
  • to answer the question is he the same gender, no. and i've tried all that the problem is that we don't know each other that well. plus the embarassing thing is that i don't really know if he was nice to me because he felt sorry for me or if he reall…
  • thats kind of hard since he won't even talk to me i wish it were that simple but now it seems like i blew the only friend i could have had. me and my big mouth, thanks for the advice though :-X
  • it was beautiful... thank you i really needed that
  • alto saxaphone 1 year
  • [quote author=LauraInChrist link=board=13;threadid=1844;start=0#msg27950 date=1118366606] very well said :) The way I think of it is whatever you do, see, hear, etc. is going to have an effect on you sooner or later. In this case it would be havin…
  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=13;threadid=3146;start=0#msg46864 date=1138925540] i will reply with one simple verse and its ur reasoning after that...: Proverbs 26:18-20 18 Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death, 19 Is th…
  • [quote author=sandrahanna link=board=13;threadid=2349;start=0#msg36109 date=1125254705] did you guys saw that? check this out too! [/quote]iumm nice website but its all in arabic, i can't read arabic
  • thanks i really needed that i was just about to go yell at my mother
  • when i look at the cross I see his pain, and shame comes over me as i realized that i'm the one that put him up there he did it for me and me alone