• hey guys,
    my opinion on this subject is that well 50 cent is someone i used to look up to along with these other guys like tupac and ice cube. the thing is though after a while it became disgusting they degrade women they talk about sex i remember one rapper talking about shooting a gun into a womens private part which i thought was absolutely the most disturbing thing i have ever heard but anyway the whole rap thing is good but lately ive really gotten into hymns and theyve really become like music to me i dont need regular music anymore i just seem to find one problem with hymns though is that they dont express certain emotions at certain times so theres no hymns to listen to to amplify my emotions

  • yuyks thats horrible
    well amplifying ur emotions and hymns, well think bout it, if ur depressed , u turn on the radio and u heer all this garbage (which at the time u dont find bad coz u intake anything) then u will always look up to it in abad times and then u take it and listen to it normally and take in those words
    but on the other hand whilst in times of depression or whatever u turn to hymns it calms ur spirit down and u get inner peace and God is on ur mind so it helps u out and comforts and if u keep turning to it it will b better its not wreking u lyk the other u get me?

    GB ALL
  • hey FULLY RELY ON GOD , the question you asked about disney well it is a show with stuff for kids and teens it is preety cool!!!
  • i don't think there is any problems with disney it is just for kids and they care alot about kids and probably they aren't going to show them something wrong!!!!
  • i dont consider disney as radio music
  • it just gets bad at the last few weeks with every cartoon movie must have a song that is the worth thing but else it is perfect!!!
  • what about religion, christian music we are also aloud to listen to that???
  • of course we are aloud to listen to it
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    i do recall making a topic just like this previously, and respoding to one like it when sylvia was here.... but every time i get a different answer... i personally dislike 50 CENT to say the least...thats extreme.... but i mean.... what about inspirational music that soothes u cuz u can relate to it, and they put into words how u feel...
    like music with no cursing... there are some good songs out there if u get past the garbage, like "Because u loved me like celine dion". or for u i will by Monica, or hero by mariah carey, or i belive i can

    Arabic music is cool too... now i know most of u will now attack me and say imn worng and what not.... but i mean... u know... ya, well i've said all i gotta say pretty much...

    ARABIC MUSIC IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt!! :D..and its clean tooo! ;D
  • what type of arabic music??? ::)
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    what type of arabic music??? ::)

    Khaled, Rachid Taha, Amr Diab, Dania, Hisham Abbas, etc., etc.
  • oh my i love arabic music is the best althought they are alot but i don't memorize names but there is one that i know and i don't really know what is she saying but all the older people love he "om kalthom"!!i don't even know if she died or still alive!!
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    hey FULLY RELY ON GOD , the question you asked about disney well it is a show with stuff for kids and teens it is preety cool!!!

    lol o ok thnc basketball :)

    hehe i cant even understand a couple of gypo werds how do i understand a whole song? o poor me i guess im missing out yar? lol

    GB ALL
  • hahah...aww its okaay +F.R.O.G+ :P ;) :) ;D
  • haha yar thnc maryanne i feel the love :P :P btw thats lil miss froggy to u :P jkz jkz
    sorry can i just get it straight i asked if the disney thing is the mikey mouse thingo and etc. lol if it is u guys r crakups and nuts as well :D :P

    GB ALL
  • This fifty character..why does he like his name to that of currency? I think that goes to show something..I hate rap >:(
  • ok im sorry i havent read through all the responses, but to the first couple... i dont think its sill a big deal because if you can control it you can judge urself based on that but its not like ure doing something really really bad, i think...

  • Hatred is showing unlovingness towards something, I think hatred is too strong to show, maybe we can reword it a little better, I really dislike pop, hip-hop, rap and most of all R&B, what's the point, egyptian music is awesome, and some lebnanese like Nancy Ajram and such, but in conclusion sometimes music will drift and drag you till you keep on listening to it more and more often, that fifty guy has disgusting songs, the young ones are now listening to the sickiest song of all times, but that was a long time ago, and I ask them, "you seriously like that" and they all say, "I only like the rhythym" I am disgusted that even younger ones are listening to the songs by him!

    Coptic Servent
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    very well said :)

    The way I think of it is whatever you do, see, hear, etc. is going to have an effect on you sooner or later. In this case it would be having a NEGATIVE effect on you. So why listen to stuff that doesn't honor God? Didn't Paul say to honor God in everything you do? And how is this honoring God?! :-\

    It also says in his letters to the Corinthians: "All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful, but i will not be brought under the power of any."(1 Cor. 6:12)

    And how is this benifiting you in any way, to know and love God?
    So i think just stay away from all nonsense and music like that, because it will end up having a negative effect on you in the long run..

    God Bless! :)

    i agree all the way. good verse too

  • i personaly used to never listen to this type of music because i thought if i listend to music that had curse words i would start repeating it, then i started listining to the edited versions that dont have any curse words. and in the last 2 years i have attempted to completely stop cursing. I think you know what kind of music might affect your actions.
    be careful though when u listen to eminem because even though he is a great artist he sometimes has very disgusting songs that are also very inappropriate, which i think you defently shoudn't listn to.

  • hmm well i actually asked abouna about this...

    he said that you can listen to music, but you have to be able to balance it out with tasbeha n alhan n taraneem n hymns n everything...

    he also said some kinds of music are romantic and calms you down, while other types get you angry and aggressive...
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